Wood Light Fixtures!

Wood has re-emerged as a design trend. Easy to use, sustainable, and featuring an attractive organic Wood is back as a design trend. It is easy to work with, environmentally friendly, and with an appealing organic appearance. This wood light fixture is a perfect fit for the current green sensibilities, and the organic design reflects light, creating a peaceful and cozy feel. Wood light fixture pairs perfectly with everything from concrete and marble to glass and metal. is a perfect match for modern environments.

1. Wood Light Fixtures With Orb Metal

20 Best Wooden Pendant Light
Wood Light Fixtures

Wood Light Fixtures

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2. Wood Flush Mount Light With Vintage Beam

Rusticlightia - Wood Light Fixture - Flush Mount
Inspired By TheWoodsEdgeCo

Wood Flush Mount Light

The barn wood flush mount light featuring neutral-toned wood beads as well as natural jute tassels adds an informal look to the bedroom for tween girls. This wood bead flush mount is reminiscent of vintage pieces and knots of rope that are hand-applied to give a striking look.

3. Wood Farmhouse Chandelier With Empire STYLE

Rusticlightia - Wood Light Fixture - Antique White Wood
Inspired By DesignDazzle

Wood Farmhouse Chandelier

This gorgeous farmhouse off-white chandelier adds an elegant look and vintage look to the laundry pantry room. The white wood chandelier comes with an antique white finish and bluish-grey undertones. It’s a candelabra bulb style that is created to add character to any space.

4. Wood Wall Sconce With Wire Cage Lampshade

Rusticlightia - Wood Light Fixture - Industrial Wood Wall Sconce
Inspired By MachineageLamps

Wood Wall Sconce

The industrial work-tower style cage wood wall light comes exquisitely hand-crafted, designed and finished using Edison filament bulbs. The wood and metal wall sconce gives character and charm to your farmhouse bedroom.

5. Wood Light Fixture With Cage Cover

Rusticlightia - Wood Light Fixture - Wood Beam Light Pendant
Inspired By OldBarnCustom

Wood Light Fixture

This beam wood rustic net cover light fixture features the entire wood structure with a unique hand-crafted craft technique and an aged white-colored finish. The rustic wood chandelier brings an old-fashioned visual experience to the farmhouse interior decor. It is based on the traditional lighting of a farmhouse barn, the classic wooden beam design.

6. Wooden Light Pendants With Wooden Lantern

Wood Light Fixture Wooden Light Pendants
Inspired By HomeDit

wooden light pendants

Bring light into your kitchen in a subtle industrial style by using the squares that are wood frame light pendants. These gorgeous wood pendant lights for the kitchen are a versatile classic look that features an open pine wood frame, black metal accents with antique-finished finishes, and an elegant white resin candle holder that lets the light shine brightly.

7. Glass Wood Pendant Light With Linen Rope

Wood Light Fixture Glass Wood Pendant Light
Inspired By SimpleStylings

glass wood pendant light

The mixed materials of heavy hand-blown glass and wooden socket holder that is a perfect fit for the current trend of inviting lighting to make you feel comfortable and at ease. The stylish glass and wood pendant light, whitewashed wood finials, and a stunning half-dome glass shade bring contemporary and farmhouse design to kitchens.

8. Bathroom Vanity Lights Wood With Opal Glass Globe

Wood Light Fixture Bathroom Vanity Lights Wood
Inspired By TheWoodsEdgeCo

Bathroom Vanity Lights Wood

The bathroom vanity light features 3 frosted round glass covers and an original wood beam that provides uniqueness for every light designed to meet your bathroom’s specific needs. These reclaimed wood light fixtures are imperfect thanks to square corners, and the wood barn frame can vary in style between the lights.

9. Rustic Rectangular Chandelier With Cylinder Glass

Rusticlightia Rustic Wood Light Fixtures Rustic Rectangular Chandelier
Inspired By FarmhouzeLighting

Rustic Rectangular Chandelier

The rustic rectangular black metal frame chandelier is made of a mix of wood and metal, ideal for hanging over the sofa to gather. This metal chandelier houses up to five light bulbs with up to 60 watts each offering an industrial look for those looking to use the chandelier to complement their décor.

10. Small Wooden Chandelier With Round Bulb

Wood Light Fixture Small Wooden Chandelier
Inspired By SawDust2Stitches

Small Wooden Chandelier

This stunning small wooden ceiling light acts as a lamp and pendant, making it appear elegant in the living space. Despite the appearance of white wood, the white wood light fixture will make the room appear more elegant and is an attraction for guests. However, it’s an ideal match for a room that is decorated in farmhouse style.

11. Bead Wood Chandelier With Empire Candle Style

Wood Light Fixture Bead Wood Chandelier
Inspired By VignetteDesign.net

Bead Wood Chandelier

The empire wooden bean chandelier makes an impact in the dining area and is especially striking because it includes all the right elements to attract attention. Its farmhouse wood beaded chandelier has curved arms and is decorated with wooden beads that fall down from the top. The pieces are arranged around an elongated wooden ring and provide the ability to house 40-watt bulbs.

12. Black And Wood Light With Sputnik Sphere

Wood Light Fixture Black And Wood Light
Inspired By JojoSpring

black and wood light

The farmhouse sputnik chandelier comprises an aged black frame, natural wood planks, and a sputnik globe design, making it an industrial appearance and an intriguing focal point for the dining area. Natural wood and black metal sputnik chandeliers illuminate the room in warm, inviting, multi-directional light.

13. Wood Chandelier Light With Modern Style

Wood Light Fixture Wood Chandelier Light
Inspired By JacquelynClark

wood chandelier light

The traditional wooden chandelier is one of the fixtures that instantly grabs the attention upon entering the room, providing a stunning view that blends a wooden frame with a chain of metal dropping into the ceiling. It has a unique natural appearance the natural wood light fixture can be used with candles that can support up to six bulbs with 60 watts each.

14. Square Wood Chandelier With Wood Frames

Wood Light Fixture Square Wood Chandelier
Inspired By DumanWoodCrafts

Square Wood Chandelier

The geometrical wood frame chandelier is constructed of hand-crafted dark wood logs that lighten up the farmhouse home with timeless designs from the Craftsman era. The simple but stunning contemporary wood chandelier is an accent piece in the room, even without lighting on. It’s a fantastic option to add more luxury and warmth to any room.

15. Round Wood Light Fixture With Distressed Wood

Wood Light Fixture Round Wood Light Fixture 1
Inspired By NoconExpress

Round Wood Light Fixture

The round orb ceiling light is constructed from kiln-dried, aged wood. The purpose of this process is to make the wood stronger and reduce its susceptibility to cracking. The design that is created by this distressed wood chandelier is beautiful and will look great in both traditional and modern homes. The globe is constructed out of wood, the fixture is constructed of sturdy metal, and the six ramifications work with mini bulbs of 60 watts.

16. Linear Wood Chandelier With Open frame

Wood Light Fixture Linear Wood Chandelier
Inspired By InBetweenChaos

Linear Wood Chandelier

The square wood lantern chandelier brings out a lantern-shaped wooden design that hangs from a movable chain. The design is a blend of traditional and modern. The wood lantern chandelier is an exquisite piece that has an elegant design to create a mix of modernity and elegance in farmhouse home decor.

17. Circular Wood Chandelier With Edison Bulbs

Rusticlightia Wood Light Fixture Circular Wood Chandelier
Inspired By TheBarnyardStore

Circular Wood Chandelier

This wagon wheel wood chandelier is the perfect piece for those who want to bring sophistication to an old-fashioned or cottage style. The large wagon wheel wooden chandelier features a wooden wheel that supports the multiple light bulbs that are attached to wooden brackets, making an original, unique fixture.

18. Crystal and Wood Chandelier With Rustic Style

Wood Light Fixture Crystal And Wood Chandelier
Inspired By HouseSumo

Crystal And Wood Chandelier

This stunning globe orb chandelier is suspended from an iron chain. It is made using birch wood. It is full of elements, including teardrop crystals and distressed black-colored metal. Its wooden ball chandelier combines weathered metal, rusty wood, and crystals to create an ideal blend between rustic and industrial styles. It has a distressed and rust-colored finish that gives the look of old age.

19. Rectangular Wood Chandelier With Wood Beam

Wood Light Fixture Rectangular Wood Chandelier
Inspired By Wescover

Rectangular Wood Chandelier

This stunning modern industrial rectangular barn wood hanging light is constructed from a mixture of steel and wood. It’s easy to set up and comes with cords hidden within the wood beam to hang high or low according to the height of your ceiling. Its rustic beam light fixture changes any room by bringing a retro vibe to any space and warm light.

20. Drift Wood Light Fixture With Natural Branch

Wood Light Fixture Drift Wood Light Fixture Scaled 1
Inspired By MyKuKun

Drift Wood Light Fixture

This driftwood chandelier, with its stunning design and detail, provides not only light but also charm and class. Its wood branch chandelier offers an array of unique lighting products that are beautifully constructed and meticulously crafted with a distinct, weathered European style inspired by nature and organic forms.

21. Extra Large Wood Chandelier With Faux Antlers

Rusticlightia Wood Light Fixture Extra Large Wood Chandelier
Inspired By Havenid

Extra Large Wood Chandelier

Create a rustic-inspired living space with this stunning extra large chandelier with candle lights. This gorgeous rustic wooden antler chandelier brings on the natural appeal, treated to a natural brown or sun-bleached finish for rugged, rustic allure. This stunning wooden antler ceiling light is the perfect finishing touch to this high-ceiling farmhouse living room.

22. Wine Barrel Light Fixture With Gothic Design

Rusticlightia Wood Light Fixture Wine Barrel Light
Inspired By CocoCozy

Wine Barrel Light Fixture

This chic wine barrel chandelier will bring a rustic, refined, organic, and elegant charm to the old gothic castle. Features with the reclaimed wood staves in an aged wood finish and dark brown rusted iron hoops hold luminous light bulbs making this beautiful wooden wine barrel chandelier a master in any space.

23. Wooden Ceiling Light With Weathered Finished

Wood Light Fixture Wooden Ceiling Light
Inspired By ViewAlongTheWay

Wooden Ceiling Light

The geometric hanging light has an organic, weathered look and will suit a variety of interiors. The clean lines and minimalist design can instantly enhance the modern and clean laundry room. The wood panels feature an aged finish that creates an elegant soft look when combined with a large modern filament light bulb. The wood lantern pendant light is perfect for your home lighting.