Rustic Lighting Fixtures!

Rustic lighting fixtures are more than mere illumination because they set the mood and create that warm rustic ambient feeling that radiates throughout each room. Making the right choice with literally thousands of rustic lighting fixtures can completely transform your rustic home into an ensuring warm welcoming or a deep dark uncertain dungeon feeling. Distressed wood, black stove-pipe metal, wrought iron, mason jars, and natural woodsy colors are the most common material and textures you will find in rustic lighting fixtures. I’ve put together the rustic lighting collection that I hope will stimulate your creative juices.

What is rustic style lighting?

Rustic lighting is typically a light fixture built with barn wood, distressed textures, wrought iron, mason jars, and natural earth tones. The rustic lighting style is inspired by country, farmhouse, or lake house decors. Its enduring ageless style can easily be integrated with today’s modern and traditional homes.

What are 10 types of rustic lighting fixtures?

• Rustic Chandeliers
• Rustic Pendant Lights
• Rustic Light Fixtures
• Rustic Outdoor Lighting
• Rustic Kitchen Lighting
• Rustic Bathroom Lighting
• Rustic Dining Room Lights
• Rustic Outdoor Lighting
• Rustic Ceiling Lights
• Rustic Table Lamps

1. Rustic Lighting Fixture With Solid Wood

Rustic Lighting Fixtures Distressed Wood Rust Candles
Inspired By LouiChoice

Rustic Lighting Fixture

This rustic lighting fixture offers traditional rustic pendant light styling in distressed wood and an oxidized iron design. It is built from a solid wood frame of distressed textured wood and rusty textured iron. The weathered frame silhouettes the four candelabra imitation candle lights, each candle holder with simulated dripping wax—an excellent rustic lighting choice for your kitchen island or a country farmhouse reading corner.

2. Rustic Kitchen Lighting Fixtures For A Country Island

Rustic Kitchen Lighting
Inspired By PoldaBuilders
Rustic Kitchen Light Fixtures

Here is a nicely designed lighting arrangement with very practical farmhouse rustic modern lighting and an associated eat-and-run island area. The rustic kitchen ceiling lights look well chosen for the space and accent the white and black marble countertops. The candlelight illuminance is white, yet the four candlelights cast a cozy feeling, offering plenty of light for those consuming their morning breakfast on the island counter. and is possible to achieve this with LED lighting. I like the idea of the lantern-style lights, which seem antiqued in a dappled sponge technique that matches closely to the marble counter. Hang a couple of these rustic lantern pendant lights above our rustic modern farmhouse island for a similar look and feel.

3. Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier With Whitewashed Beads

Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By MaisonDecinq
Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier

This weathered iron rustic French country chandelier is gorgeous and perfect for a dining space, with six candle spaces that create an even glow over the table, making the space appear lit at night. The wood dining table and chairs have an elegant look in rustic farmhouse style. The slender scrolls of the shabby chic farmhouse chandelier appear stunning yet have simple rustic lighting.

4. Rustic Pendant Light with Two Pullies

Rustic Pendant Light
Inspired By KatydidAndKid
Rustic Pendant Light

The beautiful rustic industrial cage pendant light is constructed by using an old barn pulley and comes with Edison bulbs for your rustic lighting and cages that can be removed from the lights. This rustic pulley pendant light can be adjustable to the desired length.

5. Farmhouse Chandelier With Reclaimed Barnwood Beam

Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By HomeStratosphere
Farmhouse Chandelier

This rustic farmhouse barn wood chandelier is made with walnut barn beam wood and a few bulbs of various sizes on wires. The rustic barn lighting can be hung over your dining table to make it more bright and provide it with an authentic rustic lighting appearance.

6. Rustic Dining Room Light With Geometric Iron

Rustic Dining Room Light

The perfect rustic metal dining room light fixture will make the space beautiful and bright. This farmhouse globe chandelier is just right over the table. It can really alter the mood and overall atmosphere by turning on the lights.

7. Rustic Cage Pendant Lights With Metal Wire

Rustic Cage Pendant Lighting
Inspired By TheMoodPalette
Rustic Cage Pendant Lights

The heavy metal wire cage cover pendant lighting design is housed in an unassuming wire cage. The rustic industrial pendant lighting is powered by an Edison bulb and is suspended on a plain black rustic lighting cord with the standard length.

8. Rustic Bathroom Lighting With Cone Glass Shade

Rustic Bathroom Lighting
Inspired By Chairish
Rustic Bathroom Lighting

This rustic bathroom vanity lighting will ensure you have a clear view of your mirror and can admire your beauty inside the bathroom. These rustic sconce lights come with gorgeously black conic glass shade, emitting an elegant glowing light that makes a stunning contrast with the rustic wood walls.

9. Rustic Chandelier With Oxidized Iron

Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By Decoholic
Rustic Chandelier

This orbit rustic globe chandelier provides an elegantly charming and elegant farmhouse style to the living room. The rustic iron chandelier possesses an elegant chic shabby chic appearance and is the center of attention when guests arrive.

10. Rustic Ceiling Light With Elegant Crystals

Large Rustic Ceiling Light Rusted Iron With Elegant Crystal Chandelier
Inspired By SimplyOrganized
Rustic Ceiling Light

Impressively massive rusted wrought iron globe pendant light with an elegant crystal chandelier in the interior. A rugged sleek design on the outside and an elegant crystal chandelier on the inside. Simply a unique rustic light with an emphasis on filling an exceptionally large rustic space. This rustic farmhouse-style pendant light will impress all your friend hanging from a high ceiling or timber beams.

11. Rustic Table Lamp With tweed Shade

Rustic Lamp Table

This rustic pipe table lamp brings the perfect rustic steampunk look you’re looking for in your dining room. The rustic small table lamp creates a warm glow that can illuminate the area in which it is kept and provide a warm ambiance.

12. Rustic Kitchen Lighting With Galvanized Steel

Rustic Kitchen Lighting
Inspired By IdLights
Rustic Kitchen Lighting

This rustic kitchen hanging lighting constructed from tin provides the most distinctive farmhouse rustic lighting appearance that is difficult to overlook. These rustic galvanized light fixtures are ideal for farmhouse kitchens and appear beautiful in any angel to impress the guests.

13. Rustic Lighting With Bird Cage

Rustic Lighting
Inspired By CountryVintageHome
Rustic Lighting

This awesome rustic birdcage lighting offers a rustic appearance and resembles a birdcage that is remarkably adorable straight from the pages of a fairy story! The rustic wire chandelier is a great match for the steampunk aesthetic and also industrial style. It’s long-lasting and has endured for many years.

14. Modern Farmhouse Chandelier With Glass Bubbles

Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

The modern glass bubble chandelier composed of sand brown iron and weathered wooden is great for adding rustic charm to farmhouse interiors. The rustic rectangular chandelier will look great in modern and contemporary spaces. The modern farmhouse chandelier provides a warm glow that will illuminate your room with a warm and inviting glowing.

15. Rustic Light Fixture With Wrought iron

Rustic Light Fixtures
Inspired By BlackSeaLighting
Rustic Light Fixture

The rustic wheel chandelier features wrought iron wheel edges and candle-style bulbs installed on the edges. They are perfect for uniform lighting, which casts an ethereal glow instead of glowing lighting. The black wrought iron chandelier rustic looks great with farmhouse décor and acts as a decorative element.

16. Modern Rustic Chandelier With Luxury Crystals

Rusticlightia - Rustic Crystal Art Chandelier - Modern Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By DesignMattersBlog
Modern Rustic Chandelier

The modern copper drum crystal chandelier is decorated with beautiful crystal and combines the rustic look of iron accents to make a statement that Mother Nature would approve of. This rustic crystal chandelier blends perfectly with an overall traditional chic interior. It is appealing and useful overhead lighting at the same time.

17. Rustic FARMHOUSE Lighting With Large Canopy

Farmhouse Rustic Lighting With Large Canopy And 11 Mason Jar Pendants
Inspired By TheSpruce
Rustic Farmhouse Lighting

If you’re placing light bulbs in mason jars or making use of mason jars for light fixtures, they will make things look more appealing. This rustic drum mount lighting makes use of mason jars with big bulbs to create a stunning appearance. The bulbs are big enough to fill the entire container. The jars are decorated with matte black lids, which give the fixture a stunning look. This rustic farmhouse kitchen lighting is stylish and minimalist and creates a cozy rustic lighting charm for the kitchen.

18. Rustic Outdoor Lighting With Beveled Glass Panels

Rustic Outdoor Lighting
Inspired By EchoLighting
Rustic Outdoor Lighting

Get the farmhouse appeal of this outdoor lantern lighting. Instead of being tucked away in an area, it’s hung over the roof. This rustic outdoor lantern creates an antique style that’s elegant and classic. The rustic outdoor lighting is a chic farmhouse design that people would enjoy the look of the past.

19. Rustic Lamp With Wire Birdcage

Rustic Lamp

This black rustic wire birdcage lamp comes with a beautiful rustic accent that compliments any space in farmhouse decor! With a black birdcage rustic bronze finish base, you can pair this rustic bedside table lamp with any rustic farmhouse-themed cabinet or bedroom.

20. Rustic Vanity Lights With Narrow Lampshades

Rustic Vanity Lights

The two packs of rustic vanity lights give the farmhouse bathroom a contemporary and industrial accent. These rustic bathroom light fixtures are beautiful in their simplicity and sturdy in their construction. They create the classic retro look or illuminate your sleek modern style.

21. Farmhouse Wood Chandelier With Distressed Texture

Farmhouse Wood Chandelier

This single light farmhouse wood chandelier alternative is in keeping with an eclectic and totally rustic design. A rustic chandelier for high ceilings is a fantastic way to bring character and a historical feel to a farmhouse home decor without spending excessively. This rustic weathered white chalk farmhouse wood chandelier brings exactly the perfect amount of style to the living room. This rustic lighting is constructed of metal and old-fashioned wood and includes a single candle-inspired light socket.

22. Rustic Semi Flush Mount wITH Caged dESIGN

Rustic Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Inspired By Simply2Moms

Rustic Semi Flush Mount

This rustic industrial semi-flush mount light features a simple, modern rustic style with a cage-style design that complements any decor. This rustic cage lighting creates the ideal hanging length in a matte black finish, looks great, and will last for years.

23. Extra Large Rustic Chandelier With lAMPShades

Extra Large Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By YinjiSpace

Extra Large Rustic Chandelier

The orb iron frame that is with a finished extra large rustic wrought iron chandelier improves the look by adding the canvas shades that have rivets giving it the classic appearance and feel. This rustic iron chandelier is visible through the smooth rectangular cream fabric shade, creating a cozy glowing.

24. Rustic Dining Room Lighting In Distressed Finish

Rustic Dining Room Lighting
Inspired By ZsaZsaBellagio

Rustic Dining Room Lighting

The rustic glass cover dining room lighting is a perfect example of the past Nautical influences. This gorgeous rustic industrial pendant lighting design comes with an aged, hand-painted finish, water glass diffusor, and an elegant, highly useful, safe cage, an exemplary example of traditional Dockside industrial lanterns.

25. Rustic Crystal Chandelier With Faceted CrystalS

Rustic Crystal Chandelier
Inspired By HappyHauteHome

Rustic Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful crystal drum chandelier recalls the glamour and boldness of the past. A collection of faceted crystal prisms reflect and reflect light, capturing the beauty of diamonds cut with emeralds. This round modern rustic crystal chandelier is a stunning display of luminous beauty thanks to its nine-light fixtures.