Farmhouse Lamps!

Few farmhouse decor pieces are as versatile as a farmhouse lamp. They can be used in your farmhouse decor to emphasize focal points, illuminate a dim corner or boost the level of farmhouse charm in a room. A rustic farmhouse lamp can elevate a cozy warm ambient singularly or in tandem in any rustic, modern, and country farmhouse space. If you’re looking for options to incorporate your farmhouse decor, then check out these farmhouse tables and floor lamps to create your very own enchanting space.

1. Farmhouse Lamps with Rustic Miner Lantern

Farmhouse Lamps Rustic Table Nightlight Miner Lantern
Inspired By AnaisAndReeseWorld

farmhouse lamps

Check out these two miner lamps with nightlights. Create a Wyoming rugged theme and inspire your rustic farmhouse decor with these two genuine farmhouse lamps. They have a cool feature with four-way switches that provide easy lighting control to get the proper lighting ambient. Simply by a flick of the 4-way switch, you can have the top light on, the night light on, or both off or both on. I genuinely like the very authentic oil lamp design, which creates a vintage boho theme in any room you choose to put them. I am highly optimistic you will enjoy the two farmhouse lamps I have selected above, be it inside your rustic farmhouse, country home, rustic cabin, or boathouse decor.

2. Industrial Farmhouse Table Lamp with Birdcage

Industrial Farmhouse Table Lamp

The modern birdcage table-designed wire farmhouse lamp is a mix of modern and vintage styles. If you take a look at its overall design, the sleek lines and elegant style are not often overlooked. This type of farm-style table lamp is solid steel construction, all that is high-end quality. To ensure greater stability, the hardback shade is made of oatmeal linen, which helps provide the most comfortable lighting.

3. Vintage Farmhouse Lamp with hammered glass

Vintage Farmhouse Lamps
Inspired By VRogue

Vintage Farmhouse Lamp

Its vintage design is reminiscent of an antique farmhouse lamp with bronze-colored metal on the base, and a fabric drum creates a bold statement. It’s a fresh take on the glass, it creates a sophisticated and luxurious look like is seen in old-fashioned films. It’s the most beautiful farmhouse table lamp for the living room. It is necessary to connect the lampshade to the base and have the light set before you get endless hours of fantastic lighting and not straining the eyes. It’s a conversation starter, and the overall design is high enough to last you for many years to come.

How to create A farmhouse feeling

One of the most cost cost-effective ways to add a farmhouse feel to your home is to add two or three rustic farmhouse lamps in the focus points of your home. Farmhouse lamps can be arranged in a combination of spots and can bring a pleasant farmhouse feeling to a home that needs a facelift.

4. Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamp with Distressed base

Rustic Farmhouse Table
Inspired By HeartsAtticDecor

Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamp

If you’re a lover of distressed décor, this type that consists of a rustic table lamp will be your new go-to. The classic candlestick bases are constructed from solid wood and have an aged beige finish, creating a rustic and vintage-looking farmhouse lamp impression. The best part is that the shades are made of distressed metal and have a rustic, warm look which provides comfortable lighting. These distressed farmhouse table lamps are built to last and have high-quality construction.

5. Modern Farmhouse Table Lamps with USB

Modern Farmhouse Table Lamps
Inspired By VonLuce

Modern Farmhouse Table Lamps

The pair of modern farmhouse lamps is nothing less than an eye-catching piece. The farmhouse rustic lamps are simple and elegant. They are distinctive in design, and the light holder is placed on the bottom of the table lamp. Additionally, modern farmhouse table lamps have both upper light and lower light sockets. The intensity of the light is controlled with the 4-way rotary switch, which can turn the top light on and off, the bottom light and off, as well as both on and off. Another nice touch to make note of is these farmhouse industrial lamps have a USB port that can be utilized to charge tablets, smartphones, or whatever is might convenient for you next to each lamp. The height is a comfortable 24 inches which should make it perfect to find the perfect place for your farmhouse lamps. Overall, the two lamps are designed to provide an exquisite experience in any rustic farmhouse, country, boathouse, or lake house decor.

6. Farmhouse Lamp Shade with Vintage Lantern

Farmhouse Lamp Shade
Inspired By GPDGifts

farmhouse lamp shade

The copper oil lantern table lamp with rough metal has an edgy appeal that is a perfect match for any style of home decor. The bronze-weathered finish on the lampstand was carefully designed to resemble the classic coal miner’s lantern. This farmhouse desk lamp also has an accent of clear glass at the center that serves to improve the general design of the lamp. Additionally, the neutral tones and the oatmeal-colored hue of the lamp’s circular shade help dim the room’s light, giving it an inviting look. The shades aren’t huge, but they are a good size. You’ll appreciate the extra flair and character that is exhibited by the lamp’s design. Overall, this farmhouse lampshade is an essential accessory that improves the look of your room and gives enough lighting.

7. Black Farmhouse Table Lamps with modern base

Black Farmhouse Table Lamp
Black Farmhouse Table Lamp

black farmhouse table lamps

If you’re looking for a fashionable yet traditional table lamp, you cannot be wrong with this farmhouse table lamp. It’s designed in a manner that evokes elegance with a simple design. Its farmhouse nightstand lamp has an aged black finish and an original pattern on a lampstand. It’s also paired with a modified silhouette lampshade which perfectly matches the warm, romantic light. Additionally, this contemporary farmhouse table lamp for the night is also energy efficient, which helps reduce your energy bills. It’s not necessary to think too much about assembly since connecting the lampshades will not take long at all. The elegant weather look can be incorporated into any type of bedroom décor. If you are looking for a compact table lamp that has a minimalist design for your room take a look at this contemporary farmhouse table lamp.

8. Farmhouse Table Lamp with Southwest design

Farmhouse Table Lamp Wild West Handcrafted Southwest
Farmhouse Table Lamp

Farmhouse Table Lamp

The Tiffany-style table lamp comes with a jug-shaped base with a Southwestern motif which brings a pair of these farmhouse lamps a marvelous rustic look. In contrast to other table lamps, it has an original design. The base, which is shaped like a jug, is constructed of two-tone ceramic and an elegant linen shade made of flax. These farmhouse living room lamps provide a modern-chic light to your living space. According to the majority of users, the combination of colors in the light adds to the living space an air of warmth and excitement. With its jug-shaped design and a dash of subtle style, this modern farmhouse desk lamp is a great addition to any house. It also comes easy to put together, as well as the bulb with LED comes in this set.

9. Rustic Farmhouse Desk Lamp with Old truck parts

Rustic Farmhouse Desk Lamp
Inspired By Decoist

Rustic Farmhouse Desk Lamp

This is a table lamp designed to be influenced by industrial lighting. The rustic cast iron desk lamp is a great combination of classic elegance and modern minimalist designs. The design is so that it will create harmony in any setting, and it enhances the space’s design. Its ergonomic design. The attractive bottom design on the lampshade can be used to house an impressive light source, a LED Edison bulb. Additionally, using the farmhouse-style table lamps is easy due to the socket switch, which allows users to turn on the bottom and top lights depending on their preference. It’s a valuable product when you consider the high-end quality and design of these distressed farmhouse lamps.

10. White Farmhouse Table Lamp with White shade

White Farmhouse Table Lamp
White Farmhouse Table Lamp

White Farmhouse Table Lamp

The white table lamp is made in a vintage-inspired style. The white-washed finish of the modern farmhouse table lamp is perfect for the white drum shape shade to give it a classic appearance. The suave design is updated with an old-fashioned rustic feel, creating the perfect shape for placing two of these farmhouse lamps in any farmhouse room decor in your home.

11. Farmhouse End Table Lamp with Cage design

Farmhouse End Table Lamps
Inspired By Storables

Farmhouse End Table Lamp

The industrial design of the wire cage table lamp is built with a strong base made of metal, which prevents the lamp from breaking, and is durable enough to last for many years. This farmhouse industrial lamp comes in a compact size and will not take up too many square feet. It can be placed anywhere you want and even in a narrow corner.

12. Modern Farmhouse Floor Lamp for the living room

Modern Farmhouse Floor Lamp
Inspired By JillianHarris

Modern Farmhouse Floor Lamp

When paired with a stunning white armchair, this outstanding farmhouse floor lamp is a great combination. Its floor lamp in modern farmhouse design is among the most effective ways to bring illumination to the corners of your home to create reading spaces.

13. Farmhouse Floor Lamp with Black metal Shade

Farmhouse Floor Lamp
Inspired By DutchCrafters

Farmhouse Floor Lamp

Beautiful and sleek rustic standing lamp that will decorate your home with stunning light patterns that result from the shade made of metal that is punched. The black farmhouse floor lamp with a distressed, hand-painted finish is the ideal piece to complete the farmhouse decor.

14. Black Farmhouse Lamp with Glass Shade

Black Farmhouse Lamp
Inspired By TheHomeDecorWorld

Black Farmhouse Lamp

A single shade made of metal and glass post-black farmhouse lamp provides an elegant and industrial farmhouse lamp arrangement for your home. Its cool Edison lamp shines brilliantly through the clear glass shade. The tall farmhouse lamp complements the modern and traditional style of the home.

15. Industrial Farmhouse Floor Lamp with Waterpipe

Industrial Farmhouse Floor Lamp

The unique and cherished water pipe floor lamp is made of spinning metal pipes. The rustic design is a characteristic of a farmhouse floor lamp that straightens from the top, bending into a straight line, and houses one light bulb, whose socket is higher than the base of the lampshade in the form of a cage. This farmhouse industrial floor lamp is a perfect match for a round piece of furniture to increase the striking contrast and create an industrial design.

16. Industrial Farmhouse Lamp with Steampunk design

Industrial Farmhouse Lamps
Inspired By RusticaIndustria

Industrial Farmhouse Lamps

Steel that has a black finish is the basis of the steampunk farmhouse lamps. The rustic farmhouse lamp features three hammer-shaped glass, which adds elegance and warmth to the design that you have in your living space. It can be the focal point of any space. The farmhouse lamps for nightstands are the perfect choice to decorate your home that has a rustic design.

17. Small Farmhouse Lamp with Antique floor base

Small Farmhouse Lamps
Inspired By Weatheredfinishes

small farmhouse lamp

With a beautiful antique gold finish, this kind of small floor lamp with an iron shade exudes class and charm. This stunning farmhouse-style floor lamp is perfect for small spaces and small corners that can add extra glitz.

18. Modern Farmhouse Lamp with cord pulleys

Modern Farmhouse Lamps
Inspired By LuizasFeelings

Modern Farmhouse Lamps

The modern tripod farmhouse lamp is a kinetic, synchronized pulley floor lamp that has an antique black finish. The farmhouse-style lamps for the living room make use of 60W bulbs, an E-26 socket, and an adjustable floor switch. This farmhouse industrial floor lamp with a technic-themed design is a great choice for many interiors and is distinctive and captivating. It is a cherished fixture in the living space and is a wonderful conversation piece. The floor lamp is powered by an innovative pulley system that is synchronized that will make a splash any time it comes in the form of a floor lamp.

19. Farmhouse Style Floor Lamps with modern bases

Farmhouse Style Floor Lamps
Inspired By ArchitecturalDigest

Farmhouse Style Floor Lamps

The collection consisting of traditional floor lamps is constructed from an old bronze medal. The embossed leather top adds a contemporary farmhouse accent to the design. Additionally, the shade is a source of soft lighting that complements the design of the room. The collection consisting of farmhouse-style floor lamps is extremely versatile and can be set for any style of the living room. These two slender farmhouse lamps will provide a refreshing light that will make your rustic living space unique.

20. Farmhouse Standing Lamp with Tripod base

Farmhouse Standing Lamp
Inspired By 17 Stories

Farmhouse Standing Lamp

This multi-purpose 2-layer tripod stand lamp is designed to be efficient and includes shelves! These farmhouse lamps for the bedroom are adorned with an aged iron finish and shelves that are two shelves and a wooden shade that is ideal to match with farmhouse decor! I like that it comes with three rotary switches (low, medium, high, and low) to heat the bedroom well.

21. Farmhouse Table Lamps For the Living room

Farmhouse Table Lamps For Living Room

In a beautiful glaze finish, square cut corners on the shade add depth and elegance to this pair of antique farmhouse square lampshade table lamps for this all-white living room. The characteristic single post distressed wood couch table with these farmhouse ceramic table lamps lends an exquisite sense of rusticity and gives a soothing atmosphere to your rustic country home.

22. Farmhouse Bedside Table Lamp with Distressed Base

Farmhouse Bedside Table Lamps
Inspired By Simply2Moms

Farmhouse Bedside Table Lamp

This simple and elegant set of vintage bedside table lamps brings a more natural texture to complete with a round bell and softback linen shade. Two-pack wooden farmhouse lamps introduce lovely neutral color, and an exquisite form also ensures soft and inviting lighting for a cozy bedroom.

23. Farmhouse Wood Floor Lamp with modern Base

Farmhouse Wood Floor Lamp
Inspired By HudsonFarmHouse

Farmhouse Wood Floor Lamp

Sleek, sophisticated elegance has been created in this classical styled off-white wood floor lamp. An appealing soft palette is designed with a pickled wood finish and oatmeal linen shade. This lovely coastal farmhouse floor lamp with a cream shade operates with twin pull-chain switches and a heavy, sturdy stand to create a comfy sitting area to read in and relax.

24. Farmhouse Rustic Lamp With Vintage Rusty Base

Farmhouse Rustic Lamp
Inspired By TheCottageJournal

Farmhouse Rustic Lamp

This stunning rustic cast iron openwork lamp looks like an ornate architectural accent from the early 20th century. It’s easy to imagine two of these farmhouse lamps having adorned an old rustic lakeside home or rustic cabin for many years. This rusty curved iron piece with a square-cut lampshade becomes a stunning farm table lamp that creates an unexpected centerpiece on the porch.

25. Cottage Table Lamps for the bedroom

Cottage Farmhouse Table
Inspired By TheRusticRanchHouse

Cottage Table Lamps

The elegant cottage table lamp will certainly light up your nightstand or desk wonderfully. The rustic white finish resin base is adorned with an exquisite beige burlap linen shade that lets you put it wherever you would like. Because regardless of its function, its aesthetics are top-of-the-line. Its white farmhouse lamp comes with a sturdy structure and only a few pieces of assembly, which can be accomplished in the range of 10 to 15 minutes. The rustic and simple design of each of these farmhouse lamps is a great match for any style of interior design, whether modern or traditional. Although it’s not constructed out of wood, it is finished with an elegant wood finish which is the most prominent characteristic of this piece.