Rustic Farmhouse Chandeliers!

Rustic farmhouse chandeliers have a clean design characterized by natural materials and a blend of metal and wood. A natural cream color mingled with vibrant hues floating shelves constructed from recycled timber and sliding barn doors and repurposed furniture and decor gave a fresh look. Rustic farmhouse chandeliers add a dash of personality and add a hint of warmth. They create an atmosphere that resembles an old-fashioned log cabin.

What are rustic farmhouse chandeliers?

Solid natural materials distinguish rustic farmhouse chandeliers, natural wood stains, wrought iron, reclaimed wood, and opaque or flax candle lamp holders. Rustic farmhouse chandeliers are built from repurposed timber planks with innate imperfections combined with antiqued wrought iron stand out as a good example.

1. Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier In Orb Finish

Rusticlightia -Rustic Farmhouse Chandeliers
Rustic Farmhouse Chandeliers

Rustic Farmhouse Chandeliers

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1. Farmhouse Wood Chandelier With Candle Light Bulbs

20 Best Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier Farmhouse Wood Chandelier
Inspired By UnionRustic

Farmhouse Wood Chandelier

Ideal to complete perfect for the farmhouse style, the rustic wood, and metal chandelier hung in this set-up looks beautiful and creates a blend of the farmhouse style of the room, as well as the classic style of 6 light farmhouse chandeliers and the bulb stands, creating the appearance of candleholders in rustic chandeliers.

2. Rustic Dining Chandelier With Windmill Design

Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By SouthernRestoration

rustic dining chandelier

Decorate your home with this striking, distinctive, and highly rustic windmill chandelier light made by a massive galvanized windmill that is sure to draw people’s attention and make a statement with your rustic farmhouse chandeliers. The rustic dining chandelier is ideal for adding a farmhouse accent to the decor.

3. Rustic Chandeliers With Galvanized Wash Tubs

Rustic Chandeliers
Inspired By EcomaniaBlog

Rustic Chandeliers

Begin with the vintage items and transform them into stunning rustic light fixtures that will bring charm to the rustic look of your interior. The galvanized bucket rustic farmhouse chandeliers, paired with the rope base, create gorgeous large rustic chandeliers, and the various shades of the lamps add bright color.

4. Wrought Iron Rustic Chandelier With Wagon Wheel

Rustic Dining Room Chandelier
Inspired By ChristinaMariaBlog

wrought iron rustic chandelier

The rustic drip shape dining room chandelier is ideal for hanging over a table, whether it’s an eating table, a coffee table on the porch, or a reading table in the room. These rustic farmhouse chandeliers emit a stunning lighting effect, similar to that of the wrought iron rustic chandelier in this picture. The chandelier looks amazing with the frosted glass shades and an antique appearance.

5. Shabby Chic Farmhouse Chandelier With Curved Arms

Rustic Dining Room Light Fixture
Inspired By BlessThisNestBlog

shabby chic farmhouse chandelier

The rustic dining room ceiling light is best as an individual design feature and provides the most pleasing lighting for mood lighting. This shabby chic chandelier includes six light bulbs that provide sufficient light to enjoy dining or entertaining at the dining table. The intricate details of distressed white wooden and matte black finish make for french rustic farmhouse chandeliers.

6. Black Rustic Chandelier With Chicken Wire

Black Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By ThePaintedHinge

black rustic chandelier

This black wire cage chandelier is ideal for a large living space. Its rustic living room chandelier has a distressed black cage that curves arms to give a farmhouse style. The 3-light rustic farmhouse chandeliers are the stars of your living space.

7. ROUND BLACK Rustic Chandelier With Heavy Metal

Modern Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By QuintesSenceBlog

round black rustic chandelier

The majority of modern rustic chandelier goes well when paired with Edison bulbs. This is due to their warmth and general appeal. The round black farmhouse chandelier isn’t any different. In this particular instance, the bulb is contained within the open-air metal globe, creating a farmhouse pendant chandelier, an imposing industrial style, and a contemporary style.

8. Rustic Wood Chandelier With Reclaimed Beam

Rustic Wood Chandelier
Inspired By MakariosDecor

rustic wood chandelier

If you’re in search of an original rustic wood beam chandelier with plenty of character and charm and a rustic, antique appearance, take a look at the large farmhouse chandelier. These rustic farmhouse chandeliers are made of a reclaimed wood beam wrapped around dark wires and various lighting bulbs.

9. Rustic LINEAR Chandelier With Faux Beeswax Candles

20 Best Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier Linear Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By LilianAndVictoria

rustic linear chandelier

The eight-light rustic linear chandelier is large in its size and is designed to be awe-inspiring! These stunning rustic farmhouse chandeliers’ iron frame is shaped to cover eight light fixtures to make this stunning hanging light fixture that makes an attractive centerpiece. Install the farmhouse linear chandelier over your kitchen island or farmhouse table to show off your home in a stylish way.

10. Beaded Farmhouse Chandelier With Single Bulb

20 Best Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier Farmhouse Chandelier Lighting
Inspired By ChrissyMarieBlog

beaded farmhouse chandelier

The vintage farmhouse bead chandelier shrouds in wooden beads provide an additional layer of interest and texture to the farmhouse space. The beaded farmhouse chandelier is constructed from a wood square frame that is hand-painted with an elegant distressed finish. Take the chandelier up if you have enough space.

11. White Rustic Chandelier With Geometric Design

20 Best Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By SarahJoyBlog

white rustic chandelier

The farmhouse wood chandelier has a distinctive look. It has a distressed wood look, much like the paint has been peeled off. If you’re seeking rustic farmhouse chandeliers that are a perfect match for your rustic decor, this chandelier is one for you. The white rustic chandelier is constructed of wood and metal The wood is finished with the color of cream, and it has six lights that candelabra.

12. Rustic Kitchen Chandelier For Vaulted Ceiling

Modern Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By DecorHomeIdeas

rustic kitchen chandelier

The modern metal chandelier features 9 candlesticks with black finishes and provides contemporary rustic farmhouse chandeliers, highlighted by matching black plaid lampshades to add an extra touch of depth and warmth, making it the perfect kitchen island. The rustic kitchen chandelier over the kitchen island and wide-plank wooden floors give the impression of the country.

13. Rustic Drum Chandelier With Hand Brushed WOOD

Farmhouse Drum Chandelier
Inspired By TheRusticRanchHouse

rustic drum chandelier

With an openwork, cage-style design fixture, the striking farmhouse drum frame chandelier brings an elegant touch to any room. Place this round rustic chandelier in the foyer to greet guests with ease, or let your rustic farmhouse chandeliers shine an inviting glow over your dining room’s rustic ensemble.

14. Metal Rustic Chandelier With Copper Cubes

Rustic Chandelier Lighting
Inspired By KhalimaLights

metal rustic chandelier

With its aged finish and metal construction, this unique copper open frame chandelier lighting brings an element of industrial design as it shines an air of lighting. The metal rustic chandelier features one light bulb that is attached to an open, rectangular cage. Its sleek silhouette provides an architectural look, and its flexible hanging cord lets you adjust the height to fit your space.

15. Rustic Chandelier For High Ceiling

Rustic Foyer Chandelier
Inspired By WorthingCourtBlog

rustic chandelier for high ceiling

The rustic lantern chandelier with distressed black finish and classic lantern design gives a vintage look. These rustic chandeliers for high ceilings have the look of cast iron, which is a perfect match for the rustic design.

16. Rustic Dining Room Light With Mason Jar Cluster

rustic dining room light

A chic mix of modern and rustic farmhouse design, this mason jar flush mount lighting with a clear mason jar is an elegant touch to dining rooms, kitchens, and even beyond. The rustic dining light looks amazing with these Filament bulbs that complement the rustic farmhouse style.

17. Dining Room Rustic Chandelier With Metal Net Shades

Rustic Industrial Chandelier
Inspired By DecorSteals

dining room rustic chandelier

The ability to create a beautiful interior with a farmhouse kitchen design is possible by the rustic metal drum chandelier. The choice of exquisite furniture will transform the typical kitchen into something extraordinary. The dining room farmhouse chandelier is stunning and has three drums of metal design.

18. Farmhouse Style Chandelier With Wooden Frame

Wood Farmhouse Rectangle
Farmhouse Rectangle Chandelier

farmhouse style chandelier

The farmhouse box chandelier has an open, aged, and symmetrical wooden frame that offers a sleek, contemporary appearance, and industrial details add a sophisticated accent. This farmhouse-style chandelier features frosted glass shades, allowing lighting that is unhindered by your rustic farmhouse chandelier bulbs to light up any room.

19. farmhouse Dining Chandelier With Wood Ring

Round Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By WorthingCourtBlog

farmhouse dining chandelier

The round metal farmhouse chandelier is an innovative and modern twist to the classic lighting fixture. The farmhouse dining chandelier encapsulates the elegance and style in the design. The rustic farmhouse lighting fixture is made of an aluminum frame and an ebony ring with six candle holders with candelabra bulbs. Rustic farmhouse chandeliers are ideal for placing above the dining table or in an entryway, either way, they’ll look stunning.

20. WAGON WHEEL Rustic Chandelier For Dining Room

20 Best Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting
Inspired By AleshkaDesignShop

wagon wheel rustic chandelier

The rustic farmhouse wire cage lighting is ideal for creating the rustic farmhouse style! This distinctive wagon wheel rustic chandelier has four industrial shades made of wire and is suspended on an adjustable chain. It’s perfect to be used in rustic and farmhouse decor rooms. A pair of rustic farmhouse chandeliers, hand-stained and oil-rubbed, will give the rustic charm you’ve been looking for.