1. Rustic Bedroom Lighting with Earth tones

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting
Modern Rustic Farmhouse Master Bedroom Crystal Lighting Chandelier

Rustic farmhouse Bedroom lighting

Farmhouse rustic bedroom ideas lighting coming soon…

2. Rustic Bedroom Light With rusty metal

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Light Fixtures
Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Light Fixtures

Rustic Bedroom Light Fixture

The rustic farmhouse light fixtures of this dream farmhouse bedroom are extremely cozy and create a wonderful centerpiece in the entire space. The rustic chandelier laser cut design on this bedroom farmhouse chandelier brings an air of warmth and sophistication to your bedroom, with an aged-rusty finish. The farmhouse-style bedside lamps feature a tall stand with a burlap lamp shade with a curved rod base that makes striking additions to your rustic farmhouse bedroom.

3. Farmhouse Bedroom Lights With Gooseneck Mount

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Lights
Inspired By TheDesignTwins

Farmhouse Bedroom Lights

With its steel gooseneck arm design, this pair of rustic farmhouse lights is a classic warehouse lighting for the coolest kid bedroom design. The dome shade made of rust adds an additional dose of industrial design. This smooth gooseneck design is the traditional design of old-fashioned fixtures, providing warm and inviting lighting effects.

4. Farmhouse Rustic Light for the bedroom

Farmhouse Rustic Light Bedroom
Farmhouse Rustic Light Bedroom Inspired By DesigningVibes

Farmhouse Rustic Light for the Bedroom

The adjustable three-light farmhouse lighting bedroom is an art piece. The stunning strands of cream beads add color to contemporary bedrooms and its tassel adds instant luxury. The farmhouse style bedroom lighting is an ideal addition to your bedroom, regardless of whether it’s in the countryside or in a bustling city.

5. Rustic Bedroom Lighting Idea With Swagg Chain

Rustic Bedroom Lighting Ideas
Inspired By FarmhouseHub

Rustic Bedroom Lighting Idea

Make your bedroom look more stylish complete your bedroom decor with rustic bedroom lighting ideas. With a matte black finish, the farmhouse for the bedroom has six stylish lightbulb sockets that will illuminate your bedroom with a stunning. The simple but elegant design offers a stylish design that will enhance your bedroom.

6. Farmhouse Lighting For Bedroom With Tassel Shade

Farmhouse Lighting For Rustic Bedroom
Inspired By TheDiyMommy

Farmhouse Lighting For Bedroom

This boho farmhouse master bedroom is a bit more boho and casual this spring by adding macrame details to the bedroom’s farmhouse lighting. The sleek design is accentuated by a layered shade, lined with traditional dark trim, and finished with a sphere design that will tie the room together. The top portion from shade to the farmhouse ceiling light shade and attaches a macrame rope using lark’s head knots then creates an asymmetrical knot below.

7. Farmhouse Bedroom Rustic Ceiling Light With Wrought Iron

Farmhouse Bedroom Rustic Ceiling Light
Inspired By DesignCorral

Farmhouse Bedroom Rustic Ceiling Light

This massive wagon wheel-shaped wrought iron farmhouse bedroom ceiling light with attractive bronze and gold finish. The pattern lets light be absorbed and beautiful light the bedroom while incorporating an elegant and modern look. The adjustable drop creates an accent point near the bed by dimming the lighting and making it closer to the bed.

8. Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier With Antique Wood

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier
Inspired By SheGaveItAgo

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier

Overscaled scrolls and an antique distressed white finish make the farmhouse bedroom chandelier an updated shabby chic look. The 5-light rustic bedroom chandelier adds the perfect touch of elegance to your bedroom. The single-tier candle-style design and wood accents provide an improved aesthetic appeal.

9. Farmhouse Bedroom Semi Flush Light With Black Finish

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Semi Flush Mount
Inspired By InspiredByThis

Farmhouse Bedroom Semi Flush Mount

The geometric cage rustic farmhouse bedroom flush mounts illuminate the little boys’ bedroom with an innovative twist on the bold industrial design with industrial chic appeal. This semi-flush mount is made of metal and has a contemporary rustic cage-style design that encases the bulbs to create a chic swirling appearance.

10. Rustic Bedroom Fan and Light With Wood Blades

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Fan &Amp; Light
Inspired By CherishedBliss

Rustic Bedroom Ceiling Fan & Light

Cool down your farmhouse bedroom and increase the airflow by using the farmhouse bedroom ceiling fan & light, which has five blades that can be reversible in the weathered wood finish making it simple to switch. The lighting kit featuring the white Scavo Glass globe shades provides the brightness of the light and gives it an inviting appearance.

11. Farmhouse Nightstand Light With Spindle Design

Rusticlightia Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Nightstand Light
Inspired By CottonStem

Rustic Farmhouse Nightstand Light

This rustic farmhouse bedroom light has a solid wood base that is distinguished by its turnings. Dark pecan stain on the base in rustic tones is enhanced by the heavily antiqued ivory accents with a distressed look. The shade of polyester and linen is finished in a cream and a muted tone that enhances the color of the ground.

12. Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Sconce With Gooseneck

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Sconce
Inspired By StephReadBlog

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Sconce

With a contemporary matte black finish and an iconic gooseneck arm and curving top cap, This farmhouse bedroom sconce gives a pleasant appearance and adds a warm element to your bedroom. It is a perfect fit for any outdoor space. This rustic farmhouse wall light perfectly fits the surroundings, and its functionality and aesthetics are in harmony.

13. Farmhouse Wall Plug Lights With Wood Brackets

farmhouse Wall Plug lights

With a distressed wooden bracket, this farmhouse bedroom wall plug is perfect for minimalist bedroom decor. The geometric shade of the metal cage lets the light blend into the bedroom’s overall style. With an on-off in-line switch and black cable, this is a great illustration of a striking light.

14. Wall Mount Bedroom Light with Swing Arm

Wall Mount Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Light
Inspired By OneKinDesign

Wall Mount Bedroom Light

This distinctive wall rustic farmhouse bedroom light comes in black color. The frame is steel, with an edgy black shade and an ON/OFF switch plug-in. The black wall sconce adds an attractive and warm glow to your bedroom.

15. Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Lights With Wooden Mugs

Diy Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Lights
Inspired By BareFootDeTour

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Lights

This set of rustic farmhouse bedroom light wall swag creates the rustic industrial style within the bedrooms. The cord is connected, pulled out the pin, unhooks the wheel, and then puts the cord into the pulley. Replace the wheel, and turn the light with a metal cage to create an industrial-inspired sconce.