1. Modern Rustic Light With Wood Slab

Modern Rustic Light Fixtures
Modern Rustic Light Fixtures

Modern Rustic Light Fixtures

Modern rustic light fixtures coming soon…

3 Modern Rustic Lamp In Antique Bronze

Modern Rustic Lamp
Inspired By TarynWhiteaker

Modern Rustic Lamp

The modern lamp features iron construction, with a four-legged open-concept base and riveted elements, and the matte black finish provides a contemporary, rustic look. The grill net lamp shade adds lots of character and is accented by an open bulb that adds the glow of the lighting. The lamp is a small modern rustic table lamp to the table at the end to add style to this comfortable living space.

4. Modern Rustic Wall Sconce For The Living Room

Modern Rustic Wall Sconce
Inspired By UnUm

Modern Rustic Wall Sconce

The minimalist black modern wall sconce is constructed of top-quality iron wrought with arms that can be adjusted 180 degrees by rotating both ways. The lamps of these modern rustic light fixtures can be rotated 360 degrees to satisfy lighting needs in any direction. The exterior that makes up the rustic modern sconce is painted, polished, and then treated to create an innovative version of a classic modern design.

5. Modern Rustic Light Fixture For Modern Kitchen

Modern Rustic Light Fixtures
Inspired By WhatsNew2Day

Modern Rustic Light Fixture

The ceiling is hung with a pair of modern rustic lights with a chic style of an open frame of metal and an exposed black rope bulb in the middle. This modern rustic kitchen lighting is supported by thin wires that hang from an elongated ceiling plate that perfectly captures the retro-modern style.

6. Modern Rustic Chandelier With Crystal Tassel

Round Modern Rustic Crystal Chandelier
Inspired By FarmhouseHub

Round Modern Rustic Crystal Chandelier

Elegant, subtle, and understated, this round modern crystal chandelier. The round crystal beads of this look stunning against the rustic iron frame that is finished with bronze with a stunning depth. The candle-style 6-light contemporary rustic chandelier blends rustic style with modern details and is the perfect piece to hang over the bathtub.

7. Modern Rustic Pendant Lighting With Clear Crystal

Modern Rustic Pendant Lighting
Inspired By MelleDesign

Modern Rustic Pendant Lighting

The pair of modern rustic lighting is hung over a huge bathtub. They encase the light source of this modern rustic light fixture in an unfinished linen shade and encode the cone inside the frame of a wire basket. The large rustic modern lighting for the bathroom is an original lighting design that adds a unique look to the modern rustic kitchen.

8. Modern Rustic Lighting For High Ceiling

Modern Rustic Lighting For Living Room With High Ceiling
Inspired By HappyCozyHouse

Modern Rustic Lighting

This wrought-iron modern lighting features the rubbed bronze finish and wire-bound arms, making this lighting fixture a real head-turner. The modernized rustic iron chandelier offers a rustic look above the table. These modern rustic light fixtures got a symbol of hospitality inspiration from the leaves of flowers on the chandelier. The simple arms, accentuated by a variety of flowery bobeches, give it a touch of elegance and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

9. Modern Rustic Floor Lamp With Wood Base

Modern Rustic Floor Lamp
Inspired By HomeWithKrissy

Modern Rustic Floor Lamp

Modern elegance and a unique design to your home office space. The modern rustic lamp is a combination of a curved industrial metal frame and an abstract cage shade that will match the rustic decor of your home, ranging from industrial farmhouse to modern minimalist. The basic round frame that is part of rustic contemporary lighting takes only a small amount of space. In addition, the strong arching arm permits the fashionable lamp shade to be extended onto furniture and cast light directly over the tables to create a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for offices in the home.

10. Rustic Modern Lighting For Dining Room

Rustic Modern Lighting For Dining Room

The reclaimed wood modern lighting for the dining room is a perfect fit in this urban rustic space. The weathered boards have a unique design features nail holes and knots. The modern rustic light fixtures’ wood’s rich textures range from rough to smooth, and the shades vary from a warm brown hue to a cool grey shade. The rustic ceiling light fixture with brass cords and sockets is an exquisite piece for your dining room.

11. Rustic Country Light Fixture With Glass Panels

Rustic Country Light Fixture
Inspired By CassandraLavalle

Rustic Country Light Fixture

The rustic light fixture has three adjustable cross arms that are mounted on an underlying rod that can direct lighting in all directions. Six lights will make a stunning and bold design wherever it is placed. The sleek steel fixtures are finished with a simple black, with soft bronze sockets and a canopy that add a touch of tradition. Modern and stylish without being too bizarre.

12. Rustic Modern Lighting With Vintage Crystal

Rustic Modern Lighting Vintage Crystal Chandelier In White Modern Bathroom 1
Inspired By FohrmInteriors

Rustic Modern Lighting

The multi-faceted big black modern lighting features sleek wrought iron linear that has gently curved arms painted in black. The two-tier dark black farmhouse chandelier’s arms of iron are extended with confidence from a sphere and included with nine candlestick holders. The central column is the anchor of the design and has French accents. Pedestal-like light bases are floating around the column, surrounded by softly curled sleek black arms.

13. Rustic Modern Dining Chandelier Over The Dining Table

Rustic Modern Dining Chandelier Over The Rustic Dining Table
Inspired By Gpwih

Rustic Modern Dining Chandelier

Bring visual appeal and lighting to your rustic dining area with Orb rustic modern chandelier offering ample lighting for tables with large seating. The modern rustic light fixtures steel structure provides durability, while its bronze finish and curving lines combine contemporary and traditional styling elements to complement every room’s décor.