1. Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Idea With Wrought Iron

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Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Idea

Modern farmhouse bedroom Lighting ideas coming soon…

2. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lights With Metal Drum

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lights
Inspired By KrisetyaPet

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lights

This set of 4-light farmhouse bedroom lights brings some light to the bed. The silver leaf drum design of modern farmhouse bedroom lighting is ideal for hanging over the bed in king size, shining light, and creating a unique look to the space. The cage-style design provides a classic look, and the silver shade is compatible with a variety of colors.

3. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom LightS With Glass Globe

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Light Fixtures
Inspired By GraceInMySpace

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Light Fixtures

Make your bedside area more inviting with these exclusive globe-shaped wall modern farmhouse light fixtures made of crystal transparent glass and an arm in brass and socket with a modern mid-century design. This set of light fixtures that are space-saving modern farmhouse master bedroom lighting can be easily installed in any space and comes with a unisex black cord for the plug-in. Set two of these vintage-inspired lamps on opposite sides of the bed to create an aesthetic symmetry that enhances the decor.

4. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Light With Oval RingS

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Light
Inspired By DesignCorral

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Light

This 6-light farmhouse bedroom ceiling light has an oil-rubbed bronze finish to fit in with many industrial urban, modern and transitional styles. The sleek lines of the steel frame that surrounds the light cluster provide an element of interest to the overall look of this distinctive design in the bedroom.

5. Modern Farmhouse Lamps With Linen Shade

Rusticlightia Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lamps
Inspired By FurnitureChiara

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lamps

The pair of chic and high-end modern farmhouse bedrooms has a stone base that is finished with a light linen shade in ecru that complements an array of aesthetics and color palettes. The modern farmhouse bedside lamps are ideal for the bedside table or end table. The distinctive cottage antique white finish color can enhance any room’s transitional style to fit in with any style.

6. Master Bedroom Lighting With Stylish Crystals

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Lighting
Inspired By MyVintagePorch

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Lighting

This stunning modern farmhouse bedroom lighting appears to belong in a chateau in the country. A simple iron frame with antique crystal beads gives your room a stunning design. Each light is adorned with a sparkling crystal chain that is connected to the central. This modern farmhouse bedroom chandelier is adorned with the highest-quality crystals shining under natural lighting. When the light is turned on, the crystals shine. Simple, yet elegant.

7. Modern Lighting For Bedroom With Sputnik Design

Modern Farmhouse Lighting For Bedroom
Inspired By DanVisBuilders

Farmhouse Lighting For Bedroom

The distinct style and the innovative design provide the farmhouse lighting for the bedroom with an elegant industrial style. The arms made of metal can be adjusted from a close parallel position to create a loosely gathered appearance. Include Edison lamps to create a classic vintage look or round bulbs for a modern style.

8. Modern Bedroom Lighting Idea With Rings

Rusticlightia Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Ideas
Inspired By LayaDecor

Modern Bedroom Lighting Idea

The Orb six-light farmhouse bedroom lighting idea concept is simple and clean lines, complemented with four sharp outer rings with a creamy metal finish. The unique blend of old-fashioned workmanship and industrial design creates an impressive addition to the bedroom of your home.

9. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Sconce With Metal Shade

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Sconce

This industrial-style factory modern farmhouse bedroom is ideal for an array of interiors ranging from contemporary to stark and warm farmhouse. Add some brightness to your contemporary farmhouse area with this lighting. It’s made of steel and has an elongated backplate and a horizontal bar that displays the cone-shaped shade, which has a swivel feature to shine light precisely the place you require it, making it ideal for getting dressed in the morning.

10. Modern Bedroom Semi Flush With Drum-Shaped Glass

Rusticlightia Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Semi Flush Mount
Inspired By BabahReviews

Modern Bedroom Semi Flush Mount

Modernize your decor for the home with the modern farmhouse bedroom semi-flush mounts featuring an edging of seeded glass that has a strong metal frame with a black finish as well as an encased, seeded glass shade in the center. The seeded, open-faced glass shade helps soften the design and lets the three light bases radiate their warm light with the area below. The perfect semi-flush lighting fixture to update the look in your room.

11. Farmhouse Bedroom Flush Mount Idea With Wood Frame

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Inspired By LouiChoice

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Flush Mount

Create a warm and cozy bedroom with the classic rustic look of this product. Open-caged modern farmhouse bedroom flush mount ideas include an imitation-wood frame that has an ocean-inspired look. An X-brace with a farmhouse-inspired design extends across the entire length of the frame, reminiscent of the old barn doors and farmhouse gates. Inside, the frame can see a metal base waiting to be the light source that emits a warm country lightly.

12. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier With Wood Beads

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier
Inspired By BeautyForAshesHome

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier

A striking plate is positioned at the top of the structure. The thin metal bars secure this modern farmhouse bedroom to the ceiling. It’s perfect for coastal, craftsman, farmhouse, rustic, urban industrial, and classic electric interiors. The time has come to inject fresh life into your every day by introducing timeless and transformative lighting.

13. Farmhouse Bedroom Fan & Light With Copper

Rusticlightia Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Fan Light
Inspired By InspireDetail

Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Fan & Light

This modern bedroom ceiling fan & light is an excellent accessory to the country-style bedroom. The fan comes with a remote control that controls the fan’s speed and speeds and alters the light’s color.

14. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Light With Belt Frame

Rusticlightia Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Light
Inspired By AnujgtepTape

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Light

The 3-light modern farmhouse light has a bronze finish that is a perfect match for the various decors in the bedroom. The sleek lines of the steel frame blend the traditional look with a contemporary geometric globe shape to create interest, and the bulbs that are exposed provide plenty of illumination to many areas.