Mason Jar Lighting!

Mason jar lighting is marvelous as vibrant centerpieces, path lights, floral displays, and more. It holds a sense of nostalgia and is a versatile decorating element, and gives the space a lovely, homey, quirky atmosphere for both indoors and outdoors! One of the most popular items is mason jar fairy lights that look like fireflies in a jar. Fantastic for weddings, gifts, special events, and home decor.

What is a Mason lighting jar?

A Mason lighting jar is a light fixture made from a Mason or Ball home canning jar. These jars were very popular from World War II to the 1970s, for home canning fruits and vegetables. Mason Jar light fixtures started trending in 2010 as a way to bring that rustic country nostalgia into homes with farmhouse decors.

The Mason lighting jar (Mason Jar Light) brings memories of a country kitchen, country living, or rustic farmhouse life when used to complement a country decor. One of the most popular styles of a Mason lighting jar is the fairy light-filled jar that looks as if filled full of tiny fireflies.

1. Mason Jar Lighting wITH mETAL tRACK

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Tracking Lighting
Mason Jar Lighting

Mason Jar Lighting

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2. Mason Jar Pendant Light wITH Rustic Style

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Pendant Light
Inspired By DecorCorners

Mason Jar Pendant Light

The Mason Jar ceiling mount light has an elongated wooden canopy with a harvest stain to ensure that it is secure and easy to hang from the ceiling. The Mason Jar pendant light is constructed of seven high-quality metals and glass with cords adjusted. A movable mason Jar pendant light with a simple mason jar shade design emits a bright glow to brighten the entire space. It is perfect to use in industrial farmhouse lighting design.

3. Wagon Wheel Mason Jar Chandelier wITH Crystal Trims

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Chandelier
Inspired By HollandPellet

wagon wheel mason jar chandelier

This gorgeous mason jar crystal bead chandelier includes 18 mason jars fitted with light bulbs 3 inches in length. It adds industrial lighting design appeal to any space. The wagon wheel mason jar chandelier is made by hand with black wagon wheels and clear mason jars, and beautiful crystal beads combine feminine, warm light, and industrial lighting design.

What bulbs do I use for mason jar lights?

A good choice is either a string of fairy lights or a low-wattage LED. Lighting such as incandescent or halogen creates too much heat, which can be dangerous. A strand of fairy lights will give you the effect of a jar full of fireflies. On the other hand, an LED will create a more luminous warm glow filling the room.

How many LED watts for a mason jar light?

A good choice is either 2 or 4 watts LED which puts out 220 to 400 lumens, corresponding to a 25 to 40 incandescent watt bulb. Also, a Kelvin of either warm yellow 2000K to warm white 3000K would be the ideal choice for your mason jar lighting.

4. Mason Jar Light Fixture wITH Steampunk sTYLE

Rusticlightia - Mason Jar Lighting Ideas - Industrial
Inspired By KccClothing

mason jar light fixture

This mason jar water pipe wall light is one of the top industrial ceiling light fixtures that will fit any room, whether contemporary, industrial contemporary, or farmhouse style! It’s a way to fill the room with bright lights and joy! This mason jar light fixture is equipped with a clear sky blue glass jar shade in quart size to create a unique look that can be used anywhere under your preferences.

5. Mason Jar Fairy Lights wITH Wood Backplate

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Fairy Light
Inspired By ShenanigansbyMatt

mason jar fairy lights

The adorable mason jar fairy wall lights are the perfect piece of art to complement rustic industrial wall sconce décor. The mason jars are filled with warm white LED lights that add a touch of elegance to bushes, plants, or other small items. These beautiful mason jar fairy lights bring magic into your home.

6. Mason Jar Track Lighting With Wire Cords

Rusticlightia - Mason Jar Lighting Ideas - Track Lighing
Inspired By LampGoods

mason jar track lighting

These 3-light mason jar track lights are an excellent idea to open spaces and provide a welcoming ambiance. This vintage industrial ceiling light has an antique black finish track and clear glass mason jars. Its electrical mount box is put anywhere along with the mason jar track lighting.

7. Mason Jar Ceiling Light With Reclaimed Wood

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Ceiling Light
Inspired By RinaWatt

Mason Jar Ceiling Light

This mason jar wood beam light is ideal for small spaces that need a little lighting without appearing too bright. This kind of industrial farmhouse lighting is particularly for homes that have wooden decor. This mason jar ceiling light is generally seen as naturally connected to the ceiling.

8. Mason Jar Chandelier With Wood Panel

Mason Jar Chandelier

A handmade mason jar hanging chandelier offers you this stunning chandelier with vintage-style covered cords. This chandelier’s industrial-inspired, sophisticated mason jars are authentic. The mason jar chandelier comes with an on/off switch and four clear mason jars with a chrome-finished canopy.

9. Mason Jars with Lights Inside

10 Crazy Farmhouse Mason Jars Lighting
Inspired By HomeWithStefani

Mason Jars with Lights Inside

Another great illustration of the mason jar’s farmhouse lighting. This industrial light fixture is small and holds an array of bulbs housed in a Mason Jar housing. The large glass makes the filament lights look stunning, particularly in dark spaces. This light fixture could be a great addition to modern design homes.

10. Mason Jar Lights Outdoor For Patio & Backyard

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Lights Outdoor
Inspired By TreeHouse

Mason Jar Lights Outdoor

These outdoor mason jar lights areas are equipped with 30watt antique bulbs to provide romantic lighting in the evening. The heavier, stronger mason jars shield these fragile light bulbs from weather or wind. These industrial outdoor light fixtures can be positioned along fences or the edge of a decked patio. They provide an ethereal yellow light that’s not too bright for nighttime parties.

11. Mason Jar Wall Sconce With Distressed Wood

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Wall Sconce
Inspired By Lightroom

Mason Jar Wall Sconce

This mason jar vanity sconce comes with three light bulbs connected with the base. These industrial wall-mounted lights are powered by three tubular light bulbs that fit into Mason Jars. The fixture is designed to be wired hard to the wall with no wires visible, which allows controlling the fixture using a light switch.

12. Mason Jar Hanging Light With Crafts Crystals

Rusticlightia - Mason Jar Lighting Ideas - Hanging Light Chandelier
Inspired By WoodlandShoppe

Mason Jar Hanging Light

The mason jar crystal tassel lights made with quality glass jars are clustered together, simple yet beautiful. Situated in a farmhouse-style rustic wooden canopy, the farmhouse industrial light fixtures signify the sophisticated country-gal in all of us. With a black vintage-style cloth cord, this chandelier comes equipped with on/off switches for each light.

13. Painted Mason Jars with Lights

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Painted Mason Jars With Lights
Inspired By BootsNGus

Painted Mason Jars with Lights

The vibrantly multicolored set of rainbow mason jars with lights adds an element of modernity to your rustic farmhouse home. It is made of glass and metal. Modernized, but the traditional fixtures will illuminate your home. Create a striking display at the back of any room in a farmhouse home using these eight-light mason jar-style light fixtures.

14. Mason Jar Floor Lamp With Steampunk Edison

Mason Jar Floor Lamp

If your living space lacks energy or a striking focal point, it’s time to upgrade your lighting with something similar to the stunning mason jar steampunk floor lamp. This glass jar lamp looks stunning with either a modern or rustic design. They can add beauty to an area that you wouldn’t imagine!

15. Mason Jar Light With Three Lights

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Light
Inspired By LampGoods

Mason Jar Light

This set of three clear bubble glass jars of mason jar semi flush mount has highlights and a unique feature of numbers on Mason Jars. These industrial flush ceiling lights with a country-style set with three flush lights – can complement farmhouse décor in a beautiful vintage style and use Edison bulbs.

16. Mason Jar Lantern With Solar Fairy

mason jar lantern

These mason jar fairy lanterns can be used as table centerpieces or as accent lighting placed on shelves or in the corners of rooms. The mason jars with fairy lights and flowers are easy to make. It simply needs a jar, and fill it up with a string powered by battery fairy lights and different kinds of small flowers.

17. Mason Jar Lamp With Wood Base

Mason Jar Lamp

This hand-crafted mason jar water pipe lamp features a clear glass mason jar as well as an edging made from recycled wood that brings up a rustic farmhouse look. The vintage sockets can allow for a maximum power of sixty watts. The mason jars table lights style comes with an 8-foot cord that has an on-off button.

18. Mason Jar Desk Lamp With Cottage LampeShade

10 Crazy Farmhouse Glass Jar Lamp
Inspired By MorningChores

Mason Jar Desk Lamp

This big mason jar desk lamp is made of glass and sparkles brightly when illuminated. The light reflecting the glass makes it an appealing accent piece to any bedroom or living space. The simple white shade of mason jar lamp shade makes the design easy. An antique brass deer figure is placed beside it, riching the rustic farmhouse decor.

19. Mason Jar Bathroom Light For Vanity Sconce

Mason Jar Bathroom Light

This unique mason jar bathroom vanity light brings an edgy vibe to your farmhouse bathroom. This mason jar vanity light fixture makes a vivacious statement on the wall above the mirror. The mason jar bathroom light is the perfect solution for a rustic farmhouse bathroom.

20. Mason Jar Wall Light With Clear Glass

Mason Jar Wall Light

The mason jar wall sconce is the ideal solution for rustic industrial decor. This rustic industrial light fixture offers an original blend of modern and rustic. These mason jar wall lights make the appearance of a farmhouse lighting fixture. The fixture is attached to the wall by an unfinished wooden base that perfectly matches other fixtures.

21. Mason Jar Solar Light For Garden Patio

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Solar Lights
Inspired By TheNavagePatch

Mason Jar Solar Light

The mason jar solar wall sconce brings a rustic appeal to the farmhouse garden and patio. Innovative solar lights for mason jars featuring long-lasting warm white led bulbs, with low heat, secure to use even after prolonged usage. The mason jar twinkle lights are very trendy and can make your surroundings romantic and magical.

22. Mason Jar Light Chandelier With Vintage Cord

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Light Chandelier
Inspired By SmileLampWorks

Mason Jar Light Chandelier

This mason jar hanging chandelier is made with mason jars that are clustered together elegantly and beautifully. Set in a classy black canopy, these stunningly vintage mason jar lights symbolize the refined country gal. It is made of black, vintage-style cord made of cloth; the chandelier has an on/off switch for every light.

23. Mason Jar String Lights For Farmhouse Backyard

Mason Jar String Lights

A simple color glaze can turn the colorful mason jar string lights into a beautiful rainbow. The stronger, more robust mason jar lights in outdoor use safeguard these delicate, thin light bulbs from the elements or weather. The mason jar night light can be strung on a fence or put on a railing or a tree, as illustrated above, to provide a gentle colorful light for a nighttime party.

24. Mason Jar Led Lights For Garden Pathway

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Led Lights
Inspired By HomeAndGardenDigest

Mason Jar Led Lights

These adorable out glass jar led lights are easy to create and make an ideal addition to any garden pathway. These solar jar lights mean you don’t have to fret about replacing bulbs or batteries.

25. Mason Jar Bathroom Light For faucet Country

25 Best Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture
Inspired By PoupeesCirque

Mason Jar Bathroom Light

This mason jar bathroom wall light is the perfect addition for unique vintage decor in a farmhouse bathroom. The rustic mason jar lights comprise worn-out wooden boards, small faucets for sinks made from brass, as well as three old glaze containers.

26. mason jar dining light With Long Linear

Mason Jar Dining Light

Sleek in design, casual in style, classic in the finish. Materials, shapes, and finishes combine harmoniously in this clean mason jar dining room chandelier. The glass jar chandelier features six classic Mason Jars and a clean rectangular wood bar washed in a soft brown for a rustic cottage feel and industrial touch, ideally used over the dining table.

27. Solar Mason Jar Fairy Lights With Outdoor Lanterns

Rusticlightia Mason Jar Lighting Solar Mason Jar Fairy Lights
Inspired By BlueSkyAtHome

Solar Mason Jar Fairy Lights

This pair of solar mason jar fairy table lights bring some natural light appeal to the backyard. This lovely handmade lantern makes you feel like fireflies caught in a jar and beautifully lights up outdoor living. These mason jar exterior lights shine soft color easy create an outdoor romantic atmosphere for the family.

28. Mason Jar Sconce With Simple Design

Rusticlightia Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Sconce
Inspired By MountainModernLife

mason jar sconce

This lovely mason jar wall sconce features a transparent mason jar, a threaded bent arm, and a keyless socket in an antique brass finish. This rustic mason jar wall sconce brings freshness to the décor by a bed in a small house.

29. mason jar lighting With Barn Wood

Rusticlightia Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Lighting
Inspired By TheSummeryUmbrella

Mason Jar Lighting

This beautiful hand-cut wood mason jar hanging lighting is perfect for hanging on a slanted ceiling over the dining table. This gorgeous jar pendant light features six mason jars dropping down from an original wood beam, is highly versatile, and fits in a farmhouse design or an old home renovation. The clear glass shade adds a retro feeling and diffuses the light for a soft glow.

30. Mason Jar Chandelier Outdoor With Curved Arms

Mason Jar Chandelier Outdoor

Crafted of iron in a black metal finish, the outdoor mason jar chandelier features 6 orange color mason jars on curved iron arms. This mason jar garden light is a simple and retro design, giving the country chandelier an elegant look and making a cozy glow in the garden.

31. Mason Jar Vanity Light With Reclaimed Wood

Rusticlightia - Mason Jar Vanity Light - Bathroom
Inspired By LuLight

mason jar vanity light

This mason jar vanity wall light looks great with rustic black support. It’s one of the ideal industrial bathroom light fixtures styles. The decor of this room, with a hint of black and weathered great, lends the bathroom a contemporary industrial look that’s perfect for people looking for a contemporary industrial bathroom design.