Industrial Farmhouse Lights!

Industrial farmhouse lights are a bold interior design style that is charming and modern. Industrial farmhouse lights bring two opposing styles together (vintage farmhouse and modern industrial), both of which are deeply etched into our culture. You could very well call them American styles. In the case of Farmhouse and Industrial, there are shared elements that make the “union” possible, such as simplicity, neutral colors, and wood as one the main elements.

Can I mix industrial and farmhouse styles?

Yes! The industrial style includes dark rustic woods and iron pipe, while the farmhouse style is predominantly lighter pastel colors with country knickknacks. The best way to mix the two styles is to side on darker earth tone pastels when choosing room colors. Then furnish with industrial accessories and knickknacks.

1. Industrial Farmhouse Lights wITH USB pLUGiN

Industrial Farmhouse Lamps Desk
Industrial Farmhouse Lights

Industrial Farmhouse Lights

Coming soon are industrial farmhouse lights…

2. Industrial Ceiling Light wITH Double-Sided Pipe

Industrial Ceiling Light
Inspired By KatydidAndKid

industrial ceiling light

The industrial steampunk ceiling light comprises the bar that hangs from it in addition to the hanging lights that are wrapped around the bar. The industrial dining light can be adjusted using their industrial farmhouse lights cords.

3. Farmhouse Pendant Light Fixture wITH Rust Cage

Farmhouse Industrial Pendant Light Fixture Weathered Rust Metal Hanging Lights
Farmhouse Industrial Pendant Light Fixture

Farmhouse Pendant Light Fixture

4. Industrial Rustic Chandelier wITH Beam & Plank

Industrial Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By AleshkaDesignShop

industrial rustic chandelier

This unique industrial sailing chandelier is made of salvaged rustic wood, black antique replica cloth cords mixed with copper, black and black-plated hardware. This industrial chandelier lighting comes with 6 incandescent industrial farmhouse lights.

5. Industrial Pipe Lighting wITH mASON jAR

Industrial Pipe Lighting
Inspired By Section12Furniture

industrial pipe lighting

These fundamental industrial mason jar wall lightings comprise four Edison bulbs linked to the large industrial pipe. It is enclosed with small glass bottles. These industrial bathroom vanity lights allow you to totally customize the lighting, and if you’d like an extra-large or smaller dimension, it’s possible to get it.

6. Industrial Pipe Lamp wITH Filament Tubes

Industrial Pipe Lamp
Industrial Pipe Lamp

industrial pipe lamp

This industrial twisted table lamp, a unique craft, makes a stunning night lamp, and the Edison bulb guarantees that the light will not burn without shades. Since each lamp is unique, each industrial farmhouse light will be different. Each modern industrial lamp comes with a 60-watt Marconi filament Edison bulb.

7. Black Pipe Vanity Light For Bathroom Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting
Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

black industrial vanity light

This industrial wood plate vanity light is intended to be used as an accent light. It is an industrial farmhouse bathroom lighting. It is great for the bathroom. However, it can be used in any place in the house. The lower portion of the industrial farmhouse lights is sufficient to allow for quick bulb replacements.

8. Industrial Wall Sconces wITH Loft & Bedside sTYLE0

Industrial Wall Sconce
Industrial Wall Sconce

industrial wall sconce

This pair of industrial wall sconces is made up of glass light tubes attached top and bottom. The industrial wall light fixtures have tubular light bulbs, which are perfectly suited to the mason bottles. These industrial farmhouse lights are designed to be wired hard to your bathroom wall.

9. Steampunk Ceiling Light wITH Iron Pipe

Steampunk Ceiling Light
Steampunk Ceiling Light

steampunk ceiling light

This triple steampunk hanging light is distinctive and has two layers of light that create a “sputnik” design. Each light is a result of the Edison bulb. This industrial pendant lighting is equipped with a 12- inch pole that is connected to the ceiling.

10. Black Pipe Light wITH Rustic Iron

Black Pipe Light
Black Pipe Lighting

black pipe light

This black pipe steampunk light is comprised of a range of pipes that can be extended with globe lights. The industrial dining room light comes with 25-watt lamps and can be either smaller or larger according to the industrial farmhouse lights space.

11. Edison Industrial Table Lamp WITH Wire Cages

 Industrial Table Lamp
Inspired By MrWilliesLighting

Edison industrial table lamp

This water pipe wire cage table lamp is hand-crafted and comes with three Edison bulbs. Its base black industrial lamp is made from black iron. The vintage sockets can accommodate a maximum power of 60 watts. These Edison industrial farmhouse lights are equipped with an 8-foot cord and an on-off switch.

12. Industrial Chandelier wITH Pulley Lantern

Industrial Chandelier 2 Head Wood Pulley Retro Lighting
Industrial Chandelier

industrial chandelier

The series industrial pulley chandelier utilizes an old barnyard pulley. It is part of my industrial farmhouse lights selection. The industrial dining room light fixtures produce warm light using low-wattage bulbs. This industrial chandelier is personalized with a variety of bottles, making it possible to display the brand you are passionate about!