French Country Chandelier!

Do you long to create an interior decor reminiscent of the life in a mid-18th century French country farmhouse surrounded by blossoms, folklore, rolling hills, and the bustling markets in picturesque Brittany, France?

Then a French Country Chandelier would be the quintessential element and a good starting point for transforming your everyday home into your French country-style cottage. Even though a Chandelier is only one item, choosing the proper French Country Chandelier can give you an enormously good start and focal point as you create your French country-style decor.

What is the origin of the word chandelier?

The term Chandelier, derived from Latin candēla, was first mentioned in the English language in 1736’s, taken in 1736 from the modern French word chandelle meaning candle.

What does French country lighting look like?

French country lights have old-fashioned elegances warm and luxurious feel, with washed-out textures and natural characteristics merged with intricate detailing. Loved and made popular with DIY enthusiasts, French country lighting brings a rustic natural feeling to a farmhouse, rural, modern, and country decor.

Distressed whitewashed wroth iron, creamy white, grey, and earth-tone brown paint, antique cracked chalk wooden surfaces, intricate dangling crystal charms, and weathered rustic wooden frames are among the characteristics of French Country Chandeliers.

1. French Country Chandelier In Shabby Stovepipe

French Country Chandelier Share Social Image
Inspired By LouiChoice

French Country Chandelier

Coming soon, kitchen pendants with shabby silver wood finish and antiqued brushed silver stovepipe finish…

2. White French Country Chandelier wITH Antique Whitewashed

White French Country Chandelier
Inspired By EyeForDesignLfd

White French Country Chandelier

This rustic antique chic French country chandelier can transform your dining room into a stunningly French, earthly agrarian, natural countryside cottage decor. With a bit of help from your French country-style light fixture, you can remake your country space into a captivating shabby chic decor. Imperfections, lots of them, create a distressed personality that lends itself to something incredible shabby!

3. French Country Farmhouse Chandelier wITH Old-Fashioned

French Country Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By ScoutAndNimble

French Country Farmhouse Chandelier

Here’s a French country rustic chandelier with antique brass rods and pearl white candlelight bulbs that awaits a shabby chic space to adorn. Are you ready to give a vibrant, shabby, historically noteworthy tone to your chic-ish decor? Then this vintage French country chandelier will fulfill its appointed placement over a rustic wooden country table to bring you perfect contrast between your Shabby rustic, knotty table and distressed, intricate country chandelier. Throw in a wall of citrus wallpaper, and you’ll have the Shabby Chic decor of your dreams.

4. French Country Chandelier With Multi-Tier CRYSTALS

French Country Chandelier

This French country chandelier embellished with crystals, antique bronze scrolling vines, and leaves adds an air of classiness to any French country dining area. You’ll blend your shabby rustic decor with elegance and grace by adding a beautiful antique bronze French country dining room light enamored with crystal rosebuds. Wake up to grace, elegance, and shabbiness with this French country chandelier.

5. French Farmhouse Chandelier fOR Traditional Bedroom

French Farmhouse Chandelier

Picture this elegant antique-style French bedroom chandelier, the perfect match for your shabby French country chic decor hanging in your shabby bedroom. Suspend your French country bedroom chandelier directly above your shabby chic-adorned bed. Make an impactful fashionable statement! It will be an eye-catching centerpiece with gold hand-laden distressed chalk detailing and rustic wooden tassels, topped with faux wax flickering candlelight bulbs that you’ve been craving. It’s the lighting fixture for the shabby chic enthusiast who wants to recreate the ultimate shabby chic French country bedroom decor.

6. French Country orb Chandelier wITH Wrought Iron

French Country Oil-Rubbed Bronze Chandelier
Inspired By DecorologyBlog

French Country ORB Chandelier

A French country oil-rubbed bronze chandelier is reminiscent of the rustic oil-rubbed wrought iron bronze in a French countryside kitchen decor. Do you want an arresting light fixture to highlight your shabby chic dining area? You just found it! Its shabby twisted elements coated with oil-rubbed bronze are a design staple of shabby French countryside interiors. This detailed shabby chic farmhouse French chandelier instantly creates a focal point in your kitchen while providing warm LED candlelight to enjoy a relaxing dinner with the family.

7. Modern French Country Chandelier wITH Metal Frame

Modern French Country Chandelier
Inspired By SblongInteriors

Modern French Country Chandelier

Small but gorgeous glass panel French country chandelier with three flickering faux candlelights sheltered inside crisp transparent glass panes. Looks exceptional between the exposed wooden countryside rough-cut whitewashed beams in your shabby foyer, kitchen, or dining area. Grab the attention of friends new and old as they admire how your French country hanging light transforms your ordinary home into a more cultured shabby chic decor indicative of the rural French countryside.

8. French Country Chandelier wITH Candle Style

White French Country Chandelier
Inspired By 2TheSunnySide

French Country Chandelier

A striking minimalist curved arm French country chandelier is garnished with exquisite aged wooden beads and a silver leaf glittering finish. Its minimalist diminutive size and no-frills clean shape, enamored with the addition of white wood beads, give the chandelier a more significant appearance than it does not have. The French country beaded chandelier is made of iron with an aged white finish. It has six candle-shaped stems that are set on simple curved iron arms. Retro design with six chain-like wood beads, giving this distressed French traditional chandelier an elegant appearance.

9. Black French Country Chandelier wITH Antique cRYSTALS

Crystal Black French Country Chandelier
Inspired By RainAndPine

Black French Country Chandelier

This classic black French country chandelier lighting fixture brings elegance and illumination in a single visual splendor. Illuminate nearly any space quite adequately as it paints a flickering light show across your ceiling and walls. A stunning and elegant addition to any French shabby chic decor. It will look extremely gratifying in your dining room, living room, bedroom, foyer, or other dry areas. The French country-style chandelier is made of top-quality crystals that create a sparkling twinkle throughout your home.

10. French Country Cottage Chandelier wITH Wood Candle

French Country Cottage Chandelier Farmhouse Wood Candle
Inspired By DecoratedLife

French Country Cottage Chandelier

Traditional bungalow cottage lighting fixture with an aged, distressed finish and a precious layered gold patina. The beautiful contrasting rusted candelabra arms and candlelight sockets for an authentically historically accurate French country chandelier. Hang it in your bedroom or dining room a see how this shabby chic French country chandelier immediately becomes the standout conversation piece of the space.

11. Small French Country Chandelier wITH Unique Leaves

Small French Country Chandelier

Enjoy the beauty of this small nonintrusive French country cottage chandelier with its look of sophistication and charisma. Smallish in size, this French country chandelier is perfect for casting a warm romantic luminance into the darkest corner of your living room or above your coffee table. It is built of solid wood hand brushed rustic chalk-white distressed vintage style. You’ll admire its curling antique leaf elements that reach out as they hold four faux candle lights. Let your new French country living room chandelier cast its shabby illumination over your whole shabby chic decor.

12. French Country Light Fixture wITH Curved Arms

French Country Light Fixtures
Inspired By InteriorsInsideOut

French Country Light Fixture

This shabby French country ceiling light can be appreciated in any chic decor, from the flat cornfields of Columbus, Ohio, to the rolling countryside of Brittany, France, from the rainy evergreens of Portland, Oregon, to the cherished seaside enclave of Dinard, Brittany. With its antique chalk-white faux candle candelabras, this French country lighting fixture could pass as authentic French in any chic French Riviera Victorian home. Elegantly detailed woodworking, distressed, layered textures, gold leaf engravings, rusty oxidized surfaces, dripping wax-laden electrical sockets, and realistic twinkling candlelight blubs.

13. French Country Chandelier wITH Antique Hand Painted

French Country Chandeliers For Dining Rooms
Inspired By Deavita

French Country Chandelier

A French country dining room chandelier has a beautiful, antiqued finish, gently dry brushed texture, and hand-painted exquisitely detailed birds and flowers. Your French country chandelier will illuminate your dining room with elegance and prestige with four candlelights covered with matching hand-painted light shades and candelabra matte lampshades, each with their perspective of the French countryside. Hand-painted glass shades add a stunning effect. This incredible French country traditional antique brass chandelier provides a warm and inviting light and casts beautiful, dappled light over your dining area.

14. French Country Flush Mount Light wITH Rust cAGE

French Country Flush Mount Lighting
Inspired By KellyClarksonHome

French country FLUSH MOUNT LIGHT

Give your chic bungalow luminance and elegance with a cottage rustic flush mount lighting fixture. This antique white French country has a round enclosed design, doily frill edges, sponge dab painted surfaces, and a creamy white antique brass finish. Short on height, but not on stylishness. It goes great with shabby decor to create an adorable, attractive look with plenty of charm. Three Edison warm filament bulbs radiate a cordial glow on white walls and natural wood floor planks. Creating an enticing French chic decor anywhere, this French country chandelier is ensconced.

15. French Country Lighting Chandelier wITH wOOD tASSELS

French Country Lighting Chandelier
Inspired By SerendipityRefined

French Country Lighting Chandelier

If you’re looking to bring some light into your living space and would like to add a striking fixture, this vintage French country chandelier is a perfect choice. They can be a conversation starter and draw attention, particularly when they’re impressive and elegant. The French country candle style chandelier will stand out with its sweeping lines, rustic design, and classic French design.

16. French Country iRON Chandelier wITH Raindrop Crystals

French Country Chandelier Black
Inspired By LizMarieBlog

French country iron chandelier

The black French country chandelier is made of top quality and carefully selected raindrop-shaped crystals that make this chandelier sparkling and sparkling. Its French country iron chandelier illuminates the room thoroughly and evenly to create a stunning and elegant atmosphere in the living room.

17. French Country Dining Chandelier wITH Fabric lAMPSHADES

French Country Dining Chandelier
Inspired By ShiplapAndShells

French country dining chandelier

This romantic look from the French country dining room chandelier comes with a detailed scroll arms frame and acanthus leaf detailing in a French bronze finish with crystal droplets and decorative ivory fabric bell shades. This six-light French country chandelier bursts with excitement and glamour and adds a touch of feminine sophistication to the dining room.

18. Provincial Chandelier wITH Iron & Wood

Provincial Chandelier
Inspired By Click2Elearn

Provincial Chandelier

This 6-light provincial wagon wheel chandelier features an elegantly twisted wrought iron finish and matching candle sleeves, which will breathtakingly illuminate every aspect of your home. This gorgeous antique country chandelier transfers from the era of the provincial design to that quintessential French provincial chandelier look.

19. French Country Wood Chandelier wITH cARVED wOOD

Rustic Wood 6 Light Aged Cottage French Style Chandelier
Inspired By TheGlamPad

French Country Wood Chandelier

The French country-carved wood chandelier with an 8-inch standard ceiling is ideal for homes! The French country chandelier lighting creates a space like it’s been lived in and loved without being boring.

20. Country Wrought Iron Chandelier With Acanthus Leaves

French Country Wrought Iron Chandelier
Inspired By BrocanteMaJolie

Country Wrought Iron Chandelier

Create a focal point for your room that shines thanks to the gleaming French country iron leaves chandelier crafted with the scroll in wrought iron and a twisted frame that has the tin foliate. It is beautiful with gilded detailing, all coated with dark bronze.

21. French Dining Room Light With cLEAR CrystalS

French Country Dining Room Light
Inspired By LaDolceVitaBlog

French Dining Room Light

This French country dining room light is made up of a crystal-beaded iron frame made of gilt, faceted prisms, and “English cut” beaded garlands. Pretty and delicate in form, this chandelier is the ideal size to fit in the French country-style dining room.

22. Large French Country Chandelier In Antique Patina

Large French Country Chandelier

This traditional French country chandelier is made with an antique gold finish. The chandelier is made and carved with the center urn stem, adorned with female figures on an elongated platform with eight arms that end in drip pans cast in dish form over a tapering base with an erased finial.

23. Country French Chandelier Iron wITH Rust Lantern

Country French Chandelier Iron
Inspired By CuratedInterior

Country French Chandelier Iron

French countryside dining areas are a wonderful method to create the chic French country style with a beautiful farmhouse style. The country iron chandelier has an open iron cage with candelabra accents and brings the traditional dining room.

24. Country Dining Room Light With carved wooden column

French Country Dining Room Light Fixture
Inspired By CamilleStyles

Country Dining Room Light

This French country dining room chandelier has a central wooden column that is decorated with acanthus along with water leaves and gadrooned designs. They are set over the baroque-looking volutes, which are flanked by a fluted vase.

25. French Country Kitchen Chandelier wITH eMPIRE sTYLE

Rusticlightia French Country Chandelier French Country Kitchen Lighting Chandelier
Inspired By PeacockRidgeFarm

French Country Kitchen Chandelier

The French country empire chandelier offers the ultimate luxurious, decadent style, hand-made by skilled artisans and vintage forged iron candelabra finished in the highest quality. This fixture makes a statement of pure unadulterated elegance.