Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting!

Farmhouse outdoor lighting for an irresistible home doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring or mundane.

With farmhouse outdoor lighting, you combine natural materials and rustic farmhouse country aesthetics with modern, industrial technology, such as LED, to create an outdoor presence that stands out against the landscape without clashing with it.

Farmhouse outdoor lighting pushes the boundaries of technology and design with surprising shapes and bright lights that transform your outdoor spaces.

Continue scrolling to encounter the Farmhouse outdoor lighting complimentary with your home’s rustic, country, or farmhouse decor in a functional and ornamental way.

1. Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting With Twinkle LED

Outdoor Lighted Led Twinkle Starburst Branches
Outdoor Lighted LED Twinkle Starburst Branches

Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighted Branches LED branches with twinkle, starburst, potted, or tree configurations are coming soon…

2. Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting With Solar Power

Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting
Inspired By RefreshRestyle

Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

Use the solar-powered wooden lantern outdoor lighting to give your patio a stylish look and just enough illumination after the sun sets on the patio.  For a cozy and inviting seating space, the solar farmhouse lantern is just a tabletop constructed of wood and has an angled roof of tin that is compatible with the majority of furniture for the garden and lawn.

3. Farmhouse Exterior Lights With Classic Lantern

Farmhouse Exterior Lights
Inspired By TwelveOnMain

Farmhouse Exterior Lights

2 pack farmhouse lights feature an old-fashioned wall-mounted light with a black-colored finish that is perfect for entranceways. The seeded glass shade produces an energizing, space-filling light. The modern farmhouse outdoor sconces provide unique touches that give an inviting atmosphere to everyone who might be passing by and create a feel like it’s been an actual farmhouse for 100 years.

4. Farmhouse Outdoor Sconce With Curved Arm

Farmhouse Outdoor Sconce
Inspired By LehmanLane

Farmhouse Outdoor Sconce

The industrially-inspired farmhouse outdoor casts an inviting glow on your front patio. It’s the ideal versatile piece to decorate your home. The farmhouse outdoor barn light has two different white and satin black shades, with an arched arm and bell-shaped shade that directs the light of this farmhouse outdoor lighting downwards.

5. Outdoor Rustic Chandelier With Iron Dome

Outdoor Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By ThePondsFarmhouse

Outdoor Rustic Chandelier

This classic outdoor chandelier is ideal for updating the look of your outdoor kitchen. This rustic front light has an oversized Edison bulb with an iron birdcage in a neutral farmhouse outdoor lighting design which creates soft lighting to enjoy evening parties.

6. Outdoor Farmhouse Chandelier With Wagon Wheel

Outdoor Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By AttaGirlSays

Outdoor Farmhouse Chandelier

This stunning farmhouse chandelier is authentic hand-forged iron that has a totally unique finish that is perfect for hanging in the middle of your patio. The stunning distressed appearance that is this black farmhouse exterior light gives it a timeless charm and creates a tranquil and welcoming outdoor space within your farmhouse backyard.

7. Farmhouse Porch Lights For The Front Porch

Farmhouse Porch Lights
Inspired By SbkLiving

Farmhouse Porch Lights

It was a perfect addition to it with a farmhouse style of the front porch by incorporating modern black rocking chairs as well as two dark farmhouse lights. The modern and sturdy design is apparent in the striking curve of the arm and the vintage-style open metal cage frame. The farmhouse black outdoor lights are a versatile accent for your home that adds a modern industrial design to your porch farmhouse outdoor lighting.

8. Farmhouse Outdoor Pendant Lighting With Lantern Curb

Farmhouse Outdoor Pendant Lighting
Inspired By TheTurquoiseHome

Farmhouse Outdoor Pendant Lighting

The lantern-style farmhouse outdoor lighting design with a classic gas-flame style is constructed from hand-riveted copper and brass with the industrial bronze finish that naturally matures and develops a patina over time. The farmhouse outdoor ceiling lighting offers more classic and simple looks and adds an elegant and authentic look to the farmhouse outdoor lighting of your entranceway.

9. Farmhouse Exterior Light Fixtures With Exposed Bulbs

Farmhouse Exterior Light
Inspired By TheGritAndPolish

Farmhouse Exterior Light Fixtures

The stylish, modern, and practical LED energy-saving farmhouse light fixtures make the perfect addition to landscaping your garden. They are hung from steel cables between the trees and encased in an extremely durable rubber casing. The farmhouse outdoor string lights provide a warm gold glow to create a relaxing atmosphere which is illuminated ideally from your farmhouse outdoor lighting for a game of cribbage or a leisurely conversation with your friends.

10. Black Farmhouse Outdoor Wall Light With Gooseneck Arm

Black Farmhouse Outdoor Wall Light
Inspired By IttyBittyFarmhouse

Black Farmhouse Outdoor Wall Light

The farmhouse outdoor wall light shines as street lamps and blends traditional design with a modern design making a wonderful accessory to the farmhouse entrance porch. The graceful curves of the gooseneck farmhouse outdoor light give the lighting a rustic or industrial design.

11. Farmhouse Front Porch Lights Withe Wire Cage

Farmhouse Front Porch Lights
Inspired By StacyLing

Farmhouse Front Porch Lights

Mixing traditional charm with fairytale-inspired design, this pair with farmhouse porch lights with romantic design adds to the appeal of your front porch in the fall! The outdoor farmhouse lanterns feature cast aluminum with a stunning black finish, a four-foil-inspired backplate, decorative screw caps, and a beveled edge. The light is supported by a striking scrollwork hook arm, this lantern-style light has a domed roof with an ornamental finial. Its carved column frame is covered with transparent glass panels.

12. Farmhouse Porch Ceiling Lights With Candle Holder

Farmhouse Porch Ceiling Lights
Inspired By StoneGableblog

Farmhouse Porch Ceiling Lights

The collection consists of farmhouse ceiling lights made of steel with a powder-coated bronze finish, and tempered glass is placed on an even surface or suspended on the ceiling. Set a candle in these farmhouse porch lanterns to light up the large wrap porch with a soothing and peaceful light.

13. Farmhouse Outdoor Lantern With Old-School Style

Farmhouse Outdoor Lantern

The farmhouse outdoor levels the traditional southern-style front porch entrance. They are inspired by the classic European farmhouse outdoor lighting designs that are an elegant traditional style. The piece is decorated with an elaborate finial and champagne hammered decorative glass to create an antique appearance. This classic outdoor farmhouse ceiling lighting is the main ingredient in farmhouse front door designs.

14. Farmhouse Outdoor Light Fixtures With Iron Lantern

Farmhouse Outdoor Light
Inspired By TenJuneblog

Farmhouse Outdoor Light Fixtures

The vintage look of old iron adds a classic look to the farmhouse outdoor light that helps to keep true to the classic farmhouse style. The pair of weatherproof farmhouse exterior sconces are set in a square-shaped housing that is reminiscent of antique metalwork. In addition, the transparent, grainy glass is enclosed by wire strips that create the look of windows, creating an inviting, warm atmosphere.

15. Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting With Post Lights

Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting
Inspired By TheFrugalHomemaker

Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

Install a set with farmhouse outdoor lighting over the narrow and long porch rocking chairs to create a warm outdoor space. These classic farmhouse outdoor house lights have clear glass beveled panes and non-rust die-cast aluminum, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty and strength.

16. Farmhouse Solar Light With Wood Lantern

Farmhouse Solar Lights
Inspired By KippiAtHome

Farmhouse Solar Light

Make these gorgeous wooden lanterns that feature farmhouse lights in your backyard to enjoy a romantic evening and evening beauty. These stunning solar-powered farmhouse lights are constructed from scrap wood and the sun’s energy instead of wiring, resulting in an original frame that can showcase your farmhouse’s outdoor lighting and add a stylish design to your backyard.

17. Outdoor Farm Lights With Curved Arm

Outdoor Farm Lights
Inspired By RoomsForRentblog

Outdoor Farm Lights

A set of black glossy outdoor lights are unique in design with a modern look and sturdy metal construction, giving an elegant look. These black outdoor farmhouse lights and the vibrant, fun teal color of the front door make a warm entrance to this lovely Florida cottage.

18. Farmhouse Outdoor Wall Light With Seedy Glass

Farmhouse Outdoor Wall Light
Inspired By Jacquelynclark

Farmhouse Outdoor Wall Light

The bronze farmhouse outdoor light has a beautiful bronze finish that enhances the traditional appeal of the design. The clear glass shade is a lovely and unique touch to the traditional design. The slender outdoor farmhouse sconce comes with LEDs that are energy efficient and guarantee the garden’s beautiful and striking farmhouse outdoor lighting appearance.

19. Farmhouse Style Outdoor Lighting With Copper Lantern

Farmhouse Style Outdoor Lighting
Inspired By EmilyAClark

Farmhouse Style Outdoor Lighting

The farmhouse outdoor lighting that is influenced by a colonial-era historic copper lantern design is stunning well-made, durable, and timeless. Its outdoor farmhouse wall sconce with a white window, the black door, and the grey stripe wall create an iconic farmhouse combination that will never be out of fashion.

20. Modern Farmhouse Exterior Lighting With Incandescent Bulbs

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Lighting
Inspired By Brooklynlimestone

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Lighting

Make sure you have lighting for your outdoor space that is ambient. lighting for a lively party until the sun goes down; this modern farmhouse lighting adds brightness to a patio and makes the warm evenings more enjoyable. The string farmhouse outdoor hanging light fixtures s suspended over the trees, with weatherproof bulbs and a water-proof design to last for a long time and create a romantic ambiance on the beautiful patio.

21. Black Farmhouse Outdoor Light With Post Estates

Black Farmhouse Outdoor Light

the lamp’s farmhouse outdoor light is a great example of design origins that are reminiscent of fixtures found in the sprawling English estates that are surrounded by glass and a black frame. Install this lamp post in natural beauty and mount the wall-mounted large outdoor farmhouse lighting to the back of the post, giving an inviting and welcoming look.