Farmhouse Light Fixture!

In the general sense, a farmhouse light fixture is any lighting hanging from a cord or chain. Particularly, this kind of lighting is influenced by the country or cottage lifestyle. The timeless vintage look is a perfect match for the modern design of modern homes and makes it simple to incorporate into current decor.

1. Farmhouse Light Fixture With Hammered Glass

Farmhouse Light Fixture Flush Mount Hammered Glass
Farmhouse Light Fixture Flush Mount Hammered Glass

Farmhouse Light Fixture

Farmhouse light fixture hammered handblown Mexican glass coming soon…

2. Farmhouse Dining Room Chandelier With Frame Cage

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Dining Room Chandelier
Inspired By TrendyHomeHacks

Farmhouse Dining Room Chandelier

The farmhouse room chandelier is made of high-quality iron with a black-colored finish. simple faux-wood design to delight guests. The wood farmhouse chandelier creates an inviting and cozy home ambiance with 8-lights that are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms in farmhouse and country-style interiors.

3. Modern Farmhouse Chandelier With Steampunk Pulley

Farmhouse Light Fixture Modern Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By SpunCollective

Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

A stunning hanging modern chandelier features an antique pulley and three mason jars. It comes with a large hook that can be hung from the ceiling. The Mason Jars are simple to open and change light bulbs. The rustic farmhouse pendant light can take any bulb that can fit inside the jar, creating an interesting focal point for your farmhouse home.

4. Modern Farmhouse Light Fixture With Wire Cage

Modern Farmhouse Light Fixture

It is a replica of a rustic modern farm ladder, this modern farmhouse light fixture is a great addition to the breakfast bar. The farmhouse lighting impresses an unfinished wooden ladder that hangs across the kitchen floor. It’s an incredible eye-catcher.

5. Farmhouse Light Fixture With Wood ShadE

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Light
Inspired By TheAwesomeOrange

Farmhouse Light Fixture

Its farmhouse light distinctive design and beautiful features make it among many of the sought-after styles. The striking farmhouse wood pendant light with a hand-turned shade and the LED grow light bulb has an attractive silhouette that is perfect for the plants in the corner of the living room.

6. Rectangle Farmhouse Chandelier With Cylinder CANDLES

Rectangle Farmhouse Chandelier

Simple and elegant farmhouse design, the farmhouse chandelier is an amazing rendition of classic designs that creates a timeless, elegant look that is unmatched in quality and style. The farmhouse kitchen chandelier features an elongated metal frame with beige glass shades that are cylinders. When it is lit, it will create a dazzling, even glowing, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere over the kitchen island and making you feel at home.

7. Black Farmhouse Chandelier With 4-Light Globe

Farmhouse Light Fixture Black Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By StoneGableBlog

Black Farmhouse Chandelier

The circular farmhouse chandelier is comprised of four rings that are made of vintage craftsmanship as well as industrial design. Its vintage farmhouse chandelier with antique and vintage design can give a trendy appearance and create a centerpiece to complete farmhouse decor.

8. Farmhouse Wall Sconce With Rusted Lantern

Farmhouse Wall Sconce

This antique farmhouse sconce-mounted lantern is constructed of cast aluminum. It is a great material for outdoor lighting because it doesn’t get rusty and is resistant to corrosion. The farmhouse outdoor wall light has clear glass beveled panes and a clean design in its construction. It draws attention without being gaudy. The clear glass illuminates beautifully during the night while shining beautifully in the daytime.

9. Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier With Wine Barrel

Farmhouse Light Fixture Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By RoomsForRentBlog

Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier

The farmhouse chandelier is the ideal choice to establish the mood to create an atmosphere, as well as make guests feel welcome the moment they step through the door. The teardrop rustic wood chandelier features an aged, wood-patterned look and can support six bulbs. It is the perfect blend of design, function, and tradition and sets the perfect tone for farmhouse decor.

10. Rustic Small Chandeliers With Raindrop Crystals

Farmhouse Light Fixture Rustic Small Chandeliers
Inspired By JennyReimold

Rustic Small Chandeliers

A collection consisting of rustic chandeliers with crystals that raindrops hang from an antique silver filigreed crown made of iron creates an elegant spherical shape. These rustic chandeliers with crystals and a long chain hang in the laundry room to make a stunningly shaped shadow over the ceiling. They give a sophisticated look with hints of the past.

11. Farmhouse Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island With Linear Lantern

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island
Inspired By BlessThisNestBlog

Farmhouse Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island

Decorate the kitchen island with this stunning farmhouse pendant light that resembles a vintage coach lantern. The frame is black matt metal and is equipped with three bulbs that look like candelabras. These farmhouse pendant lights for the kitchen island resemble a vintage coach lantern. The frame is black matt metal and is equipped with three bulbs that look like candelabras. 

12. Farmhouse Dining Room Light With Transitional Design

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Dining Room Light
Inspired By GreyBirchDesigns

Farmhouse Dining Room Light

This stylish 6-light farmhouse dining light is a perfect example of the contemporary transitional design style, modern designs, and vintage-inspired elements. Its farmhouse black pendant light is a resemblance to the elegant dome shape but keeps the design simple, clean and simple. This fixture is ideal in a contemporary farmhouse or transitional style dining room.

13. Rustic Dining Room Light With Rectangle LANTERN

Farmhouse Light Fixture Rustic Dining Room Light
Inspired By WorthingCourtBlog

Rustic Dining Room Light

The dining room light has a wide-open design and a sturdy strong metal frame. It is an iron rustic chandelier that covers the frame with anti-rust and anticorrosive, giving it a chic and industrial appearance.

14. Farmhouse Bathroom Light Fixtures With Vintage Wood

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Bathroom Light
Inspired By TJarosPhotography

Farmhouse Bathroom Light Fixtures

The master bathroom is transformed into a contemporary farmhouse style with the use of these farmhouse light fixtures. This farmhouse candelabra chandelier is a perfect blend of farmhouse chic with a classic rural theme for bathroom decor. Made of wood grain, which represents the relaxed rural lifestyle, it delicately exudes lofty style without sacrificing rustic elegance. Black farmhouse bathroom vanity lights are available in a beautiful industrial farmhouse design. The frame is made of steel and has an extensive downlight shade that is attached to an arching, thin gooseneck arm. The smooth black finish is an elegant and sophisticated look.

15. Wood Farmhouse Chandelier With Wood Bead

Farmhouse Light Fixture Wood Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By TatertotsAndJello

Wood Farmhouse Chandelier

The wood bead farmhouse chandelier offers an exciting upgrade to your dining area with carefully selected wood beads with a smooth finish that adds an accent of brightness and class and creates fascinating lighting effects. This farmhouse wood beaded chandelier has a huge shaded raw iron that is tinted, as well as the wooden pendant is an attractive and captivating fixture.

16. Farmhouse Chandelier Light With Distressed Wood

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Chandelier Light
Inspired By BowerPowerBlog

Farmhouse Chandelier Light

This wood-stained farmhouse light features candelabra-style lights that give an old-fashioned feel to your living area. A weathered-grey finish gives the room a touch of farmhouse style. The large rustic chandelier gives the decor of your home an evocative French country style with its arched arms that are textured and have stunning craftsmanship.

17. Rustic Chandelier With Expose Bulbs

Farmhouse Light Fixture Rustic Chandeliers
Inspired By TinyHeirloom

Rustic Chandelier

The stunning oversized chandeliers are the subject of discussion at the dinner party. They are truly amazing ideas for a tiny home! This recycled wood industrial farmhouse chandelier with oil-rubbed bronze sockets as well as black cords is an amazing piece to add to your farmhouse decor!

18. Round Rustic Chandelier With Wagon Wheel Metal

Farmhouse Light Fixture Round Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By SerendipityRefined

Round Rustic Chandelier

This large round chandelier provides 360-degree light coverage that’s soft, warm, and not overwhelming it’s a great addition to the front entryways. This modern farmhouse wagon wheel chandelier is a simple but attractive design that is perfect for modern contemporary homes. Combine it with filament bulbs for an edgier style to create an inviting atmosphere.

19. Farmhouse Sconce With Clear Glass

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Sconce
Inspired By GraceInMySpace

Farmhouse Sconce

The farmhouse makes a striking piece of art with its matte black sheen and cylinder-clear glass. The modern farmhouse outdoor light is a transitional design and perfect for an outdoor front or back porch light. The glass is adorned with bands of black metal that wrap around it, providing more details on the light fixture.

20. Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures With Metal Linear

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Kitchen Light
Inspired By TableAndHearth

Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures

The farmhouse kitchen lights are a great example of an impressive taste of chic industrial design. The classic rectangular design of this linear farmhouse chandelier adds an element of classic charm.

21. Farmhouse Pendant Light With Woven Rattan

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Pendant Light
Inspired By NomadicDecorator

Farmhouse Pendant Light

While not sacrificing the comfort and relaxing nature of the classic farmhouse design, this contemporary texture farmhouse design that is a pendant light adds pleasant accents of smooth lines, geometric shapes, and monochromatic colors to the mix. This farmhouse living room light fixture transforms from rough and bold into comfort and warmth, combined with seagrass and wood for an added touch of personality.