Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting!

Farmhouse kitchen lighting, particularly, makes the design come alive by adding a warm and comfortable element that brings the entire look together. There is a myriad of options to choose from that mirror the style of the room. Be on the lookout for fixtures that feature distressing wood, or industrial metals in black.

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting With Opal Glass Shades

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Share Social Image
Inspired By LouisChoice

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

New arrival awesome wooden kitchen lighting

2. Farmhouse Style Kitchen Lighting With Warehouse Lampshade

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Lighting

The classic kitchen lighting is constructed of sturdy metal with matte black, and the shade is transitional in style, providing an elegant, casual appearance and general room lighting. Its barn-style light fixtures for the kitchen give off a stunning and practical appearance, similar to the ones found in warehouses with large spaces.

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting With Mid-Century Design

Rusticlightia - Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Light - Matte Black
Inspired By HappyTogetherByJess

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

A hint of mid-century and modern design, this empire vintage kitchen lighting uses five lights in a chandelier design with a spooky dark matte finish. The farmhouse kitchen chandelier uses exquisitely hand-crafted iron curved arms with round candle cups and antique bulbs to create an elegant and timeless style that gives an elegant look to your kitchen.

4. Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Island In Cluster Lanterns

Rusticlightia - Farmhouse Kitchen Island Pendant - Metal Frame &Amp; Clear Glass
Inspired By FunCycled

Pendant Lighting For Kitchen island

These classical lantern-style island lights have an open cross-frame made of metal and transparent glass. Its rectangular form and gorgeous black finish create the modern farmhouse kitchen island lighting the ideal piece to place over the kitchen island to create an inviting setting and bring perfect harmony to farmhouse decor in the kitchen.

5. Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting With Galvanized Steel

Rusticlightia - Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting - Aged Teal Galvanized Steel
Inspired By RealSimple

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting

Kinsley Large Pendant, Aged Galvanized Steel With Antique Teal ShadeKinsley Large Pendant, Aged Galvanized Steel With Antique Teal ShadeKinsley Large Pendant, Aged Galvanized Steel With Antique Teal ShadeKinsley Large Pendant, Aged Galvanized Steel With Antique Teal ShadeThis set of rustic kitchen island lighting is truly unique, and vintage-inspired lighting has a single-operating rise and fall that is certain to draw the attention of everyone. This old farmhouse kitchen lighting counterweight is constructed of finely cast brass and molded-in gorgeous reeded patterns, which helps maintain the height you want.

6. Modern Farmhouse Island Lighting With Industrial Pully

Rusticlightia - Rustic Lights - Rustic Kitchen Lighting
Inspired By ChaylorAndMads

Modern Farmhouse Island Lighting

The contemporary pulley kitchen light is a simple design of the basic black cage lampshade, the adjustable cable wire, and the ceiling canopy, making it ideal for a farmhouse-style kitchen. Its industrial farmhouse kitchen lighting that uses environmentally friendly coatings will last a long time. Combining at least two farmhouse industrial kitchen lighting in a row, hanging above the kitchen island is impressive and creates an amazing look.

7. Farmhouse Island Lighting With Glass Shade

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Farmhouse Island Lighting
Inspired By RemodelAndOlacasa

Farmhouse Island Lighting

The 3-light clear glass simple kitchen island lighting is ideal for large kitchens to shine like an airborne jewel. It also adds warmth and ambiance to your meals with the family. Set up three lights in a cluster of farmhouse pendant lights over the island provide the kitchen with an air of harmony and elegance that gives a pleasant aesthetic.

8. Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Sconce With Barn Style

Rusticlightia - Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Sconces - Black
Inspired By SummerWind41490

Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Sconce

The kitchen has a black window over the sink, and three antique farmhouse wall sconces blend the industrial and rustic design, giving a unique look. The farmhouse light over the kitchen sink is an innovative idea to add lighting to the kitchen.

9. Modern Kitchen Lights With Glass Drum Shades

Rusticlightia - Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lights - Silver
Inspired By FynesDesigns

Modern Kitchen Lights

The small glass drum shape pendant lights are made of metal joints, a striped cord, and a stylish black-colored finish with a white interior that adds a touch of brightness. These antique silver farmhouse kitchen light fixtures offer plenty of brightness and modern retro style!

10. Rustic Island Lighting With Metal Cage

Rusticlightia - Metal Cage Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting - Barnwood
Inspired By TheHappyFarmhouse

Rustic Kitchen Island Lighting

With a design reminiscent of the old lighting fixtures, this small wire ceiling light is an ideal lighting option to lighten the dark countertop and add an industrial style to your home. The farmhouse kitchen track lighting is crafted with a unique technique using barn wood and a metal cage cover with an aged dark brown finish, making it the perfect fit for steampunk, industrial, and farmhouse decor.

11. Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures With Glass Panels

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures 1
Inspired By JettSetFarmhouse

Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures

These luxury farmhouse kitchen lights are made of inlaid squares of glass seeded panels that cover the frame and an aged bark-brown finish to the metal to finish the appearance. The charm of the modern farmhouse pendant lighting over the island adds to the colonial style.

12. Kitchen Lighting Over Sink With Glass Globe

Rusticlightia - Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting - Over Sink
Inspired By TidbitsAndTwine

Kitchen Lighting Over Sink

The glass bubble globe pendant light over the sink offers a romantic look and reflects the overall design of a contemporary as well as a rustic farmhouse kitchen. The modern farmhouse lighting for the kitchen has an elongated clear glass frame that has an inside glass globe. It’s not just beautiful but also makes a fantastic accessory to the farmhouse kitchen.

13. Farmhouse Pendant Lighting Over Island With Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rusticlightia - Bronze Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Over Island - Oil Rubbed
Inspired By ApikHome

Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lighting Over Island

This 3-light kitchen island pendant lighting is an oil-rubbed bronze look that gives a vintage look and distinctive lighting. Install farmhouse kitchen lighting over the table is ideal for farmhouse kitchen islands and provides a welcoming aesthetic.

14. Rustic Kitchen Chandelier With Distressed Wood

Rustic Kitchen Chandelier

The wooden off-white chandelier flaunts an old-fashioned wooden frame and distressed off-white finish that has dark tinges of black, adding the look of an old-fashioned aspect to farmhouse kitchen décor. The curvy, weathered wooden scrolling arms give a shabby chic look to farmhouse kitchens. The farmhouse kitchen lighting chandelier has a distressed wood construction that is beautiful in appearance and sturdy enough for everyday use.

15. Farmhouse Island Pendant Light With Hanging Chain

Rusticlightia - Polished Gold Crystal Farmhouse Kitchen Island Pendant - Teardrop
Inspired By WereTheJoneses

Farmhouse Island Pendant Light

Change the appearance of your kitchen from top to bottom by using the teardrop glass pendant light, which provides a modern design with a sleek silhouette and sparkling accents. The farmhouse pendants’ light over the island offers a touch of the latest trends and casts an inviting glow over any decor.

16. Kitchen Lighting Over Island With Brushed Nickel

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Over Island
Inspired By NinaHendrick

Kitchen Lighting Over Island

The 3-light linear island pendant light is made from polished nickel-finished metal. It has an industrial-inspired, linear design with three slender glass teardrop shades that focus light on the kitchen’s island. The kitchen island farmhouse pendant light creates the perfect ambiance and brings character and warmth to the white kitchen.

17. Farmhouse Kitchen Table Lighting With Shabby Chic Style

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Lighting

This stunning candle antique kitchen table lighting enhances the interior lighting design to the next level and adds a romantic look to the kitchen. The classic design and gorgeous rusty finish make the rustic island chandelier an essential item and add an old-fashioned look.

18. Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures With Dome Shades

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures 1
Inspired By NicoleFranzen

Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures

When rustic merged with industrial and magic took place. The stone walls, wood floors, exposed beams, and this pair of huge white lampshade pendant lights provide a rural foundation perfect for rustic and industrial design. The team of huge farmhouse kitchen ceiling lights with a rusty white finish evokes the classic enameled appearance, with subtle imperfections that give the light authenticity and a charming look.

19. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Light With Glass Bowl Shade

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Light 1
Inspired By SheHoldsDearly

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink light

This stunning antique pendant light is made up of a stunning heavy glass bowl shade with an interior white-fired finish and two glass inserts in the rod, with an elongated top. This antique vintage farmhouse-style chandelier is a striking and unique design statement for the kitchen.

20. Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lights With Cottage CERAMIC

Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lights

This pair of hand-crafted ceramic bell shade pendant lights provide a distinctive depth of surface that is achieved by a thick layering of fired and glazed textures. The farmhouse island light fixtures are affixed with floral patterns to the framework of metal with a fabric weaving in as well out from the lampshade. It’s an excellent way to create an impressive accent for the rustic farmhouse kitchen.

21. Farmhouse Chandelier Over Table With Glass Globe

Farmhouse Chandelier Over Table

This new take on a classic brass hand-blown glass globe cluster chandelier with fluted arms is easy to install and features six clear glass globes to help you make your space glow. Hang this modern farmhouse kitchen chandelier for a breakfast area; it adds some glam to the kitchen but does not obstruct the view.

22. Farmhouse Kitchen Pendants With Open Frame

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Farmhouse Kitchen Pendants
Inspired By DrivenByDecor

Farmhouse Kitchen Pendants

This pair of 4-light lantern pendant lights with aged brass metal open frame elements offers a rustic industrial and vintage feeling. At the same time, the crisp edges and bold lines with open frames bring back a more modern style and an approachable look. These farmhouses hanging kitchen lights provide comfort with elegance to the kitchen island.

23. Farmhouse Lights For Kitchen With Old Galvanized

Rusticlightia Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Farmhouse Pendant Lights For Kitchen
Inspired By SomePlaceBetter

Farmhouse Lights For Kitchen

Hang a group of industrial galvanized lampshade pendant lights on the painted ceiling beams and shines over the giant veined granite surface to add tone and depth to the largely white kitchen. These three modern farmhouse island pendants feature an industrial dome design and give a rustic galvanized finish to create a romantic glow and add country class to the old farmhouse kitchen design.

24. pendant lighting for kitchen island With Huge Woven Cover

Rusticlightia Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Island Farmhouse
Inspired By GamBrick

Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Island

Woven of natural rattan, this boho-chic weaving kitchen island pendant light adds inviting style and softly diffused light. A metal chain and dark brown finish frame complement the look of this kitchen farmhouse pendant light adding warmth and texture to the ceilings in the kitchen.

25. Rustic Kitchen Light Fixtures With Coastal Submarine

Rusticlightia Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Light
Inspired By AtlantaHomeSmag

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures

This is a navigation set of two small rustic kitchen light fixtures. The clear transparent globes are in the great shape of these rustic submarine lights as unexpected farmhouse kitchen flush mount lighting, which bring the beautiful coastal kitchen with a big cottage style.

26. Farm Style Kitchen Lights With Bell Jars

Rusticlightia Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Farm Style Kitchen Lights
Inspired By SoMuchBetterWithAge

Farm Style Kitchen Lights

Carrying the vision of rich opulence, this pair of glass bell jar light fixtures evolve through times, remaining a focal point of richness and affluence. These rustic farmhouse kitchen lights feature a hand-blown clear glass bell jar with an original brass finial that looks gorgeous in a French country kitchen.

27. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting With Polished Chrome

Rusticlightia - Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting - Chrome
Inspired By TableAndHearth

modern farmhouse kitchen lighting

This group of polished chrome pendant lights is a modern showpiece to showcase a stunning feeling of chic industrial design. The farmhouse kitchen chandelier has hammered metal shades as well as visually striking lines.