Farmhouse Chandeliers!

Lighting fixtures in the farmhouse style run the gamut from antique-inspired to warm industrial to shabby-chic. To nail your farmhouse lighting ideas, start with your materials: wood, metal, glass, etc. The signature combinations of wood, metal, and glass create a beautiful rustic look that feels elegant and worn-in.

What makes authentic farmhouse chandeliers?

Authentic-looking farmhouse chandeliers are vintage, country, and rustic-inspired, from the light country farmhouses to dark heavy industrial farmhouses, to the distressed antiqued farmhouse. The distinctive use of metal, wood, and glass gives authenticity to farmhouse chandeliers.

1. Farmhouse Chandelier With Weathered Wood

Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse chandeliers coming soon…

2. Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting With English Lantern

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting
Inspired By HomeDit

farmhouse dining room lighting

The addition of two of these farmhouse lighting to your dining table is an ideal way to make a striking statement. These black brushed farmhouse chandeliers of the frame and candelabra-style sleeves make it a versatile piece. This stunning rustic modern lighting for the dining room is reminiscent of an old-fashioned coach lantern to add an extra accent.

3. Rustic Chandeliers With Copper Finish

Rustic Chandeliers Fixtures For Dining Room Kitchen Islands
Rustic Chandeliers Fixtures for Dining Room Kitchen Islands

rustic chandeliers

Its delicate chandeliers diffuse lighting soft, natural, and warm ambiance for the kitchen. The white fabric lampshade can be easily incorporated into other furniture. Traditional cabinetry made of dark cherries, the custom range hood made of wood, as well as the antique rustic kitchen island chandeliers provide a warm and classic atmosphere.

4. Rustic Kitchen Table Chandelier With Drum Shade

Rustic Kitchen Table Chandeliers Hanging Fixtures Round
Rustic Kitchen Table Chandeliers Hanging Fixtures Round

rustic kitchen table chandelier

Ideal for feminine and glamorous themes, this set of kitchen table chandeliers offers a subtle romanticism, embracing a flawless blend of modern and traditional with a luxurious look. The shade that is shaped like a drum of farmhouse chandeliers for the kitchen creates a sleek and smooth design. The fabric material softens the light to provide comfortable lighting and enhances the premium visual impact that is rooted in design. design concept. Together with these farmhouse chandeliers’ charming patterns, they balance design, functionality, and worth.

5. Rustic Chandeliers With Crystals With Candle Style

Rustic Chandeliers With Crystals Light Candle Style Crystal Accents
Rustic Chandeliers With Crystals Light Candle Style Crystal Accents

rustic chandeliers with crystals

Installing a pair of stunning chandeliers with crystals in a mudroom can add an extra glimmer to the small area. These tiny rustic-looking chandeliers are made of high-end dazzling crystal, and rustic bronze-finished hardware is surrounded by a single bulb, making this small design a stunning centerpiece.

6. Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting With Brush Nickel

011207A 04
Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting Contemporary Retro

modern farmhouse dining room lighting

A vintage look with a modern style is making a comeback. The modern farmhouse lighting has a vintage look with modern improvements like new materials and a more modern look. The pair of unique farmhouse chandeliers come with a distinct look and feel from modern styles. They add to the character of your home and provide a unique centerpiece in the kitchen’s dining area.

7. Dining Room Chandeliers With Rustic Ladder

Dining Room Chandeliers Modern Farmhouse Rustic Ladder
Dining Room Chandeliers Modern Farmhouse

dining room chandeliers modern farmhouse

These three dining room chandeliers farmhouse feature faceted-glass crystals cascading from antique-bronze-finished rings embellished with decorative detailing making dramatic and elegant farmhouse chandeliers in the dining room. These sparkling curtains of clear cut-glass crystals gently reflect and create farmhouse dining room lighting to finish the elegant design.

8. Modern Farmhouse Entryway Lighting With Distressed Metal

Modern Farmhouse Entryway Lighting Rustic Distressed Metal
Modern Farmhouse Entryway Lighting

modern farmhouse entryway lighting

This gorgeous rustic birdcage chandelier lighting is designed with an open birdcage frame that is hammered with aged iron for maximum impact. These radiant farmhouse chandeliers with a caged design perfectly match any entryway. Make a stunning accent with the collection of beautiful transitional rustic chandeliers for the entryway with a lively style.

9. Rustic Bedroom Chandelier With ORB

Rustic Bedroom Chandeliers Bronze Globe Ceiling Pendant
Rustic Bedroom Chandelier

rustic bedroom chandelier

Installing a set of bedroom chandeliers in the 18-foot barrel vault ceiling, with the arched windows surrounded by natural wood shutters, is a perfect illustration of how this rounded design can create an airy, charming bedroom, and romantic. The pair of oversized rustic chandeliers are constructed of top-quality steel and a matte black finish. gives you the opportunity to design something unique.

10. Modern Farmhouse Foyer Lighting With Chrome Accent

modern farmhouse foyer lighting.

The elegant foyer was dressed with modern and classic elements that accentuated the space and set the tone with this set of polished nickel modern farmhouse lighting. The rustic chandelier set for high ceilings provides an elegant, classic look that illuminates the entranceway’s warm glow as guests walk into the home.

11. Rustic Dining Room Lighting With Wood square

Rustic Dining Room Lighting Candle Wood Square
Rustic Dining Room Lighting Candle Wood square

rustic dining room lighting

The dining room lighting highlights the dining area in the kitchen in all its contemporary rustic beauty. The wooden square farmhouse dining fixture comes with a wooden frame with crossed bars shaped like x on both sides. It’s simple yet elegant. The metal center has spots for four light bulbs. The design of these farmhouse chandeliers is straightforward and has a wood-like decorative design. The neutral hue allows the light to be incorporated into any farmhouse dining area.

12. Farmhouse Dining Table Lights With Crystal Tubes

Farmhouse Dining Table Lights Candle Gold Crystal
Farmhouse Dining Table Lights Candle Gold Crystal

farmhouse dining table lights

This crystal and gold farmhouse light set enhances contemporary living with glamorous high-fashion brilliance. It blends classic beauty with your white kitchen. The rich gold finishes, sleek lines, and striking crystal facets accent the column, adding luxury to modern dining spaces. The dining room lighting modern farmhouse is a reflection of the chic elegance and adds a touch of style to the design.

13. Rustic Dining Room Chandeliers With Distressed Wood

Rustic Dining Room Chandeliers Vintage Globe Distressed Wood
Rustic Dining Room Chandeliers Vintage Globe Distressed Wood

rustic dining room chandeliers

This set of 4-light lantern dining room chandeliers with imitation wood-look textures give a vintage, artistical and charming look that is ideal for dining rooms. These farmhouse-style dining room chandeliers, with their vintage-inspired design, add a sense of farmhouse beauty that ranges from industrial lofts and farmhouse kitchens. These farmhouse chandeliers will also fit the contemporary interior decoration in the same way.

14. Industrial Dining Room Lighting With Track

Industrial Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting
Inspired By HomeMadeLovely

industrial farmhouse dining room lighting

The farmhouse dining room lighting kit includes everything that you need to bring more lighting to your dining area. The black finish and the versatility are the main features of this modern farmhouse flush mount lighting, including multi-directional lamp heads that provide illumination to areas where light cannot reach. Also, it provides plenty of illumination and sophistication to make design patterns using additional track lighting components.

15. Farmhouse Dining Lighting With Wood Lantern

rustic farmhouse dining room lighting

The pair of farmhouse dining room lighting adds rustic charm to dining rooms by way of its geometric, lantern-shaped frame made of metal, with an open design and lamping that is exposed. The exterior of these farmhouse chandeliers is finished with weathered oak, while the interior candelabra stem and structure are finished with antique cast iron. The contrasting and complementary play of the two design elements is what defines the design as farmhouse style dining room lighting.

16. Large Rustic Chandeliers With Washtub Shades

Large Rustic Chandeliers
Inspired By TheInspiredRoom

Large Rustic Chandeliers

Unique ring-and-rod chains, metal shade’s rivet, and seam highlight its historical roots and add a unique look to these two rustic chandeliers. The conical design is sleek and adaptable. The darker metallic farmhouse dining room ceiling lights and the white kitchen have a more cozy and warm look.

17. Farmhouse Chandeliers For Kitchen Dining room

Farmhouse Chandeliers Modern Lantern Kitchen Dining Room
Farmhouse Chandeliers

farmhouse chandeliers

The pair of striking frames that open farmhouse chandeliers are inspired by the classic design and complemented by modern details and finishes. This chandelier rustic modern dining room lighting has four candelabra light fixtures placed in a classic open frame of metal and with a stunning matte black. These farmhouse chandeliers are supported by an elegant, adjustable chain and a circular canopy. Every component has been carefully designed and manufactured, with an exquisitely tied canopy, seamless body welds punctuated by rivets, a gorgeous upper loop, and perfect chain links.