Farmhouse Chandelier!

The farmhouse chandelier consists of earthly colors that give your home a rustic charm. It is a charming decor style that is chic and cozy. The farmhouse chandelier is focused on simplicity while also giving off that unpolished but effortless design that screams comfort. Most farmhouse chandeliers leverage handmade materials like wood, wicker, brick, stone, or glass and feature neutral colors that add coziness to your décor.

1. Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse Light Fixture Farmhouse Chandelier Light
Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse chandelier coming soon…

2. Farmhouse Chandelier Lighting With White Birds

20 Best Chandelier Farmhouse Chandelier Lighting
Inspired By Indulg

Farmhouse Chandelier Lighting

A gorgeous white painted chandelier lighting includes birds perched over crystal beads. It is the ideal complement for rooms that are bursting with colors. The white shabby chic farmhouse chandelier provides a bit of rustic charm to your living area. The rustic farmhouse chandelier lighting perfectly matches the vintage cabinets and curtain.

3. Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier With GEOMETRIC Globe

20 Best Chandelier Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By HomeDesignLover

Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier

This rustic globe chandelier is made of driftwood orb finish metal around a modern candelabra cluster creating a retro or modern statement perfect for the farmhouse living room. This farmhouse orb chandelier in orbit globe geometric design creates a vintage vibe.

4. Modern Rustic Chandelier With Curved Metal

20 Best Chandelier Modern Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By BestGameToPlay

Modern Rustic Chandelier

This romantic black metal chandelier over the dining table and string lights bring soothing lighting to this dreamy farmhouse open space. The pottery barn farmhouse chandelier floats above the table, bringing a romantic ambiance to this open-air space and providing inviting and cozy in this enclosed private space.

5. Modern Farmhouse Chandelier With Large Wooden Antlers

20 Best Chandelier Modern Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By Deavita

Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

This large wooden antler chandelier with an oversized antler design creates a theme area and stunning focal point. The expansive windows highlight the vintage rustic chandelier and enable a much fuller enjoyment of nature for this family and their friends.

6. Rustic Chandeliers For Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

20 Best Chandelier Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By CuratedInterior

Rustic Chandeliers

The elegant rustic candlestick chandeliers are decorated with an aged bronze finish, and candles are put in the same way as lighting fixtures for vanity. The small rustic chandelier gives a sense of sophistication and brings illumination to places that typically appear dark in other bathrooms.

7. Rustic Bedroom Chandelier With Wagon Wheel Iron

20 Best Chandelier Rustic Bedroom Chandelier 1 1
Inspired By OneKinDesign

Rustic Bedroom Chandelier

A modern bedroom gives an accent to the rustic design. The rustic wheel bedroom chandelier has a rustic but elegant ambiance. The vintage farmhouse chandelier style is the basis of rustic bedroom designs and is a perfect addition to the cozy bedroom.

8. Farmhouse Dining Room Chandelier With Baby Blue Crystal

20 Best Chandelier Farmhouse Dining Room Chandelier
Inspired By DesignLuxpro

Farmhouse Dining Room Chandelier

The teardrop-empire dining room chandelier is made of rustic metal iron and fragile blue crystal beads to create the most luxurious farmhouse decor. The farmhouse chandelier with baby blue crystals perfectly matches that blue glass container on the dining table, echoing the blue hue.

9. Black Farmhouse Chandelier With Antique Lines Arms

20 Best Chandelier Black Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By TheTurquoiseHome

Black Farmhouse Chandelier

The traditional black chandelier creates a rustic bronze and provides amazing craftsmanship that is accentuated by each curve of the arm and sturdy chain sling. The modern farmhouse black chandelier that features a candlestick style is perfect for creating a striking entryway to your foyer or to adding practical light to the farmhouse kitchen.

10. Rustic Chandelier For high CEiling Living Room

20 Best Chandelier Rustic Wood Chandelier
Inspired By CountryLiving

Rustic Chandeliers for High Ceiling

This rustic wheel chandelier is distinctively handcrafted with the wagon wheel design that is reminiscent of farmhouse living. The rustic chandelier for high ceilings offers an elegant and timeless design. It gives a rural feel to the farmhouse living space that has a high ceiling.

11. Farmhouse Chandelier With Natural Wood Beads

20 Best Chandelier Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By GreyWoodMama

Farmhouse Chandelier

This amazing farmhouse square wood bead chandelier offers a bit of excitement to farmhouse living areas. Its farmhouse wooden beaded chandelier is full of traditional appeal and blends perfectly with a coastal farmhouse style.

12. Rustic Chandelier Lighting With Gothic Iron

20 Best Chandelier Black Chandelier Farmhouse 1 1
Inspired By CountryLiving

Rustic Chandelier Lighting

A rustic metal chandelier is a perfect way to connect all the dark components of the old farmhouse living space, such as the tree trunk that was once used and an elongated star. It’s a beautiful round rustic chandelier with a natural-looking ceiling. The rustic style is achieved by exposing a white ceiling and neutral hues.

13. Rustic Dining Room Lighting With French Country Style

20 Best Chandelier Rustic Dining Room Lighting
Inspired By ApartmentTheRapy

Rustic Dining Room Lighting

The elegant and rustic dining table chandelier is a reinterpretation of the French-inspired design but is paired with natural wood elements. The rustic French country chandelier with a tassel at the bottom was designed to be placed right above the dining table, bathing your guests in elegant lighting.

14. Rustic Industrial Chandelier WIth Teardrop Wood

20 Best Chandelier Rustic Industrial Chandelier
Inspired By DailyVanguard

Rustic Industrial Chandelier

Make a statement in the farmhouse bedroom with this stunning rustic empire chandelier with a teardrop-shaped fixture. The combination of wood and metal makes the farmhouse bedroom chandelier modern and rustic, making it an excellent choice for couples with different designs.

15. Rustic Foyer Chandelier With Cottage Design

20 Best Chandelier Rustic Foyer Chandelier
Inspired By NextLuxury

Rustic Foyer Chandelier

This elegant vintage foyer chandelier sets a cozy tone for the farmhouse home, making the entryway provide a very subtle but stylish thoroughfare into a very grand living room. The farmhouse entryway chandelier lighted the staircase beautifully.

16. Black Chandelier Farmhouse With Opal Glass Lampshape

20 Best Chandelier Black Chandelier Farmhouse 2
Inspired By DecorHomeIdeas

Black Chandelier Farmhouse

This simple black chandelier with three alabaster glass globes in a rustic black finish. The rustic dining room light fixture lights up the decor, making the space more inviting and giving the farmhouse feel to your home.

17. Farmhouse Rectangle Chandelier With Metal Frame

20 Best Chandelier Farmhouse Rectangle Chandelier
Inspired By HomeMadeLovely

Farmhouse Rectangle Chandelier

This linear rectangular chandelier will look stunning on a rustic wooden farmhouse table. The vast black rustic chandelier and the metal tables and wooden chairs perfectly match the fresh flowers in the centerpiece. It blends mid-century industrial along with farmhouse decor perfectly.

18. Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting With Rustic Open Frame

20 Best Chandelier Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting
Inspired By DecorLoving

Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting

Make the most of the farmhouse elegance using these timeless dining room chandeliers. Iron panels made of wrought bring to mind the beauty and elegance of farmhouse countryside. The large rustic chandeliers make a focal point over a dining table made of wood. blend the beautiful and sophisticated lighting ideas.

19. Farmhouse Crystal Chandelier With TearDrop Shade

20 Best Chandelier Farmhouse Crystal Chandelier
Inspired By LizMarieBlog

Farmhouse Crystal Chandelier

A delicate teardrop design in this teardrop crystal chandelier provides a stunning look to your sweet winter bedroom. The rustic chandelier with crystals cozies up to the bedroom, and enjoy the time in bed.

20. Rustic Rectangular Chandelier With Cylinder Glass

20 Best Chandelier Rustic Rectangular Chandelier
Inspired By Kichler

Rustic Rectangular Chandelier

The cylinder glass shade rectangular chandelier provides a sense of old-fashioned charm while also evoking a feeling. The linear rustic chandelier has a rectangular frame. The delicate metal orbs are surrounded by cylindrical glass shades that point down towards the middle, making it an ideal piece of lighting to light the dining area.

21. Small Rustic Chandelier With Classic Copper

Rusticlightia Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier Small Rustic Chandelier
Inspired By HammersNHugs

Small Rustic Chandelier

The antique rustic chandelier features delicate, imperfectly curved arms that bear the weight of its candlestick-styled light, while a leaf motif and asymmetry pay homage to baroque and rococo influences. This vintage farmhouse chandelier makes a perfect focal point for the cottage foyer area and brightens with ample light and one-of-a-kind style.

22. Extra Large Farmhouse Chandelier With Black Wood BeadS

Rusticlightia Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier Extra Large Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By OurSouthernHomeSC

Extra Large Farmhouse Chandelier

These strands of navy blue wooden beads in a huge farmhouse chandelier bring rustic elegance. The rustic ceiling chandelier in rust and antique-burnished brass with Tudor brown beaded trim delivers a welcoming glow into its surrounding space, making it ideal for a dining area.