Farmhouse Ceiling Lights!

The country cottage has been the influence of farmhouse ceiling light fixture designs.

The many vintage ceiling lights are a perfect match for modern country designs or traditional farmhouses. Finding the right rustic ceiling light that brings harmonize to your existing country decor is critical. The farmhouse ceiling light style is simple yet flexible. The right lights will add a touch of comfort and warmth to the spaces it inhabits. Rustic farmhouse ceiling lights stand apart from modern designed ceilings, sleek minimalistic lines, and smooth surfaces.

I think about hammered glass, galvanized distressed steel, and weathered wood when working on a new farmhouse light for the ceiling. Enjoy looking at popular farmhouse ceiling lights below to match the existing decor of your home.

1. Farmhouse Ceiling Light With Birdcage

Farmhouse Ceiling Light Birdcage Pendant Antique Bronze For Kitchen Island
Farmhouse Ceiling Light Birdcage Pendant

Farmhouse Ceiling Lights

More on this Ceiling Light birdcage pendant in antique bronze soon!

2. Farmhouse Style ChandelierAS With Woven Baskets

Farmhouse Style Ceiling Light Chandelier With Natural Woven Dome Baskets
Inspired By HomesAndGardens

Farmhouse Style Chandeliers

Three-tiered farmhouse chandeliers handcrafted using woven materials give an organic fiber warm, inviting glow and create decorative lighting patterns throughout the space. The pair of farmhouse dining room ceiling lights make a great farmhouse ceiling light conversation points during dinner time and add the right amount of country charm to any dining area.

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Ceiling Lights With Open Frame

Farmhouse Kitchen Ceiling Lights With Empire Design In Distressed Open Frame
Inspired By MaisonDecinq

Farmhouse Kitchen Ceiling Lights

These farmhouse ceiling lights have a coastal look and a chic polished brass finish. the modern open-cage lantern reveals the candelabra-style bulbs. Two stunning farmhouse ceiling lights for the kitchen are striking and provide an inviting glow to the white kitchen.

4. Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Light With Wooden Drum

Modern Farmhouse Ceiling Light

This farmhouse ceiling light is a clever addition that stands out from the dark-painted door, dark-colored stairs, and frames. The large brass farmhouse pendant light has a stylish parabolic-shaped dome that gives a unique look with a distinct contemporary appeal. Black metal hardware of this farmhouse ceiling light gives an illusion that the metallic dome is suspended.

5. Farmhouse Porch Ceiling Light For Outdoor Farm

Farmhouse Porch Ceiling Light For Outdoor Farm And Patio Main Entrance
Inspired By TheEveryGirl

Farmhouse Porch Ceiling Light

A simple light fixture becomes the main feature of this home, a craftsman style. The farmhouse ceiling light creates a relaxing, calming ambiance, and the custom-designed gate and fence give off the contemporary craftsman and vintage look. This vintage outdoor farmhouse ceiling lighting transforms your porch with stunning warm textures and bright, airy finishes that are perfect for hosting parties.

6. Black Farmhouse Ceiling Lights With Dome Shades

Black Farmhouse Ceiling Lights With Accenting Black Domes In White Kitchen
Inspired By GoodHouseKeeping

Black Farmhouse Ceiling Light

Introduce a modern and sleek design to this white living space with this sleek design that a farmhouse ceiling light that is a great match for contemporary farmhouse decor. The farmhouse-style ceiling light with an open frame design is perfect for creating beautiful ambient lighting throughout the room.

7. Farmhouse Ceiling Light Fixtures With Birdcage Motif

Farmhouse Ceiling Light Fixtures
Inspired By EnglishElm

Farmhouse Ceiling Light Fixtures

Traditional farmhouse ceiling lighting design is a reflection of the minimalistic design and simplicity. These timeless farmhouse ceiling lights are made from a specific process metal with a polished chrome finish. The cylinder frame is adorned with clear, hand-made glass that spreads warm light across the living space. The striking glow of the candlesticks with six lights farmhouse hanging ceiling lights is amplified by the misty glow of transparent, clear glass. They are striking farmhouse ceiling lights farmhouse that brings a sense of luxury to any rustic living space.

8. Farmhouse Kitchen Pendants With Industrial Styling

Farmhouse Kitchen Pendants
Inspired By Magnolia

Farmhouse Kitchen Pendants

The farmhouse kitchen feature barn shades that are made of solid metal with matte black on the outside, adding a touch of class to the design. The industrial farmhouse ceiling lights (3-pack) are ideal for the farmhouse kitchen. They emit an inviting glow and create a tranquil ambiance.

9. Farmhouse Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light With Rusty Metal

Farmhouse Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light In Rusty Oxidized Drum Shape
Inspired By PorchDayDreamer

Farmhouse Semi Flush Mount Light

The farmhouse mount light has subtle elegance thanks to its distinctive frame design and high-quality details like the turned candle holders as well as the decorative oval-shaped links. Beige shade fabric with the drum-shaped design that is the design of the farmhouse foyer lighting flush mount and an antique brass brushed finish evokes the historical inspiration.

10. Modern Farmhouse Flush Mount Ceiling Light In Schoolhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Inspired By TheGritAndPolish

Modern Farmhouse Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The farmhouse flush mount ceiling light is a visual treat with its beautiful clear glass globes illuminated by powerful, energy-efficient LEDs emitting ambient glowing light. The elegant brass metal rings add a sophisticated accent to the design. The 6-light cluster farmhouse ceiling light for the living room is an accent piece and makes an elegant contemporary piece.

11. Farmhouse Ceiling Light With Distressed Beads

Farmhouse ceiling Light

The beads farmhouse light is an amazing addition to the boring master bedroom. Farmhouse ceiling lights offer functionality and a country feeling to create the most beautiful and comfortable room. Its rustic semi-flush lighting features glass beads and faux stones suspended delicately over the white beeswax candle cover. Rustic bronze and weathered grey tones of mixed materials look natural.

12. Farmhouse Style Chandelier for Dining Room With Minimalistic Design

Farmhouse Style Chandelier For Dining Room

A ceiling with a vaulted design accented by stained wood beams houses the 10-light linear farmhouse chandelier over a trestle table in gray with bamboo chairs in black. The furniture is arranged with classic and timeless elements that ensure every room takes advantage of the ambient cast-off from the farmhouse ceiling lighting. The linear farmhouse-style chandelier is a great mix of function and form. It offers a uniformly diffused warm light. You can also go with a topless design to add some more sparkle.

13. Vintage Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Lights With Chains

Vintage Farmhouse Pendant Lights

The modern kitchen in this farmhouse home features farmhouse ceiling lights with an open ceiling that is topped with beams of warm wood that give it a vintage feel, paired with modern features like the stunning three-pack farmhouse pendant lights. These industrial farmhouse ceiling lights have a glass shade with ribbed edges, which reduces glare thanks to the protection of a brass cage that reflects the light downwards.

14. Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier With Chalk Wood

Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Chandelier With Distressed Chalk White Empire
Inspired By SheGaveItAGo

Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier

The 5-light antique white distressed farmhouse bedroom adds an elegant and cozy feel to your master bedroom. The rustic ceiling chandelier features an elegant single-tier candle design with wooden accents with an antique white distressed finish that gives it a more appealing aesthetic appeal. Simply put, farmhouse ceiling lights are a great match with farmhouse-style home decor.

15. Rustic Foyer Chandelier For The Entryway

Rustic Foyer Chandelier
Inspired By LivaBl

Rustic Foyer Chandelier

The atmosphere of your entryway is transformed with the inclusion of this rustic chandelier is the ideal solution for a house that requires stylish but sensible lighting. The modern farmhouse chandelier is ideal for the foyer space and provides a stunning shine to an entryway to welcome guests, creating an impressive statement with farmhouse ceiling lights in this rustic decor by using this matte black finish.

16. Farm Style Chandelier With Tear Drop

Farm Style Chandelier
Inspired By RoomsForRentBlog

Farm Style Chandelier

The right lighting can create a mood, provide ambiance, and delight guests as they enter a room. The teardrop farm chandelier features an aged, wood-inspired finish and has a stunning design that is truly unique. The rustic dining room ceiling light is a distinctive addition and offers the perfect blend of design, function, and elegance to this dining area, creating the perfect atmosphere for this farmhouse decor design.

17. Large Farmhouse Pendant Light With Bell Shade

Large Farmhouse Pendant Light
Inspired By RoomsForRentBlog

Large Farmhouse Pendant Light

This large farmhouse light gives an informal elegance to your little boy’s bedroom. The airy farmhouse bedroom ceiling light is a perfect match for its farmhouse design style, with an organic and modern look, with a rattan-colored peel wrapped around the wireframe.

18. Beaded Farmhouse Chandelier With Distress Iron

Beaded Farmhouse Chandelier With Accenting Distress Wood, Iron And Beads
Beaded Farmhouse Chandelier With Accenting Distress Wood, Iron and Beads

Beaded Farmhouse Chandelier

This gorgeous farmhouse chandelier features an aged gray metal frame with wood beads that have weathered that are surrounded by a two-light cluster. This modern farmhouse ceiling lights fixture gives it more visual appeal and adds a coastal or boho-chic look to your office.

19. Semi Flush Farmhouse Light With Ash Shade

Best Farmhouse Ceiling Lights Semi Flush Mount Farmhouse Light
Inspired By LaurenWilliamsArt

Semi Flush Mount Farmhouse Light

Install this modern ash wood flush mount farmhouse light, a great combination of crisp lines, intriguing designs, and minimalistic elements. The modern farmhouse semi flush mount lighting has modern designs of ash wood with a naturally Hand rubbed oil finish, making this striking farmhouse ceiling light the focal point of your room. The downlight highlights the natural beauty of the wood while creating a unique lighting effect.

20. Semi Flush Ceiling Lights With Schoolhouse StylinG

Farmhouse Semi Flush Ceiling Lights
Inspired By CrispInteriorsHome

Farmhouse Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

The two schoolhouse farmhouse flush ceiling lights attach to a black shiplap ceiling that is surrounded by a black and white runner in a dark and white twin bunk room, creating a stunning design. This stunning modern farmhouse ceiling lights fixture has an opal glass globe with a simple brass fitting that adds brightness and elegance to your kids’ bedroom.

21. Rustic Farmhouse Pendant Light With Large Globe

Rustic Farmhouse Pendant Light
Inspired By NEHomeMag

Rustic Farmhouse Pendant Light

The farmhouse pendant light is suspended from a ceiling of light gray over diamond-patterned jute rugs set on slate tiles, bringing the room a stunning glow. The glass farmhouse pendant with an enormous globe-shaped glass shade that is clear and a three-light candelabra base with polished nickel adds contemporary style and an elegant and chic appearance.