Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting!

Outfitting your sleeping quarters by picking the best farmhouse bedroom lighting will transform your sleeping quarters into a cheerful and attractive room to spend your time. After all, the perfect combination of farmhouse decor and farmhouse bedroom lighting will convince your brain you’ve awakened in the countryside each morning, even if you live in the suburbs. The options can seem too numerous to handle for bedroom lighting, so I’ve put together a few ideas for you to choose from here below. Farmhouse decor, whatever its style, is trending, but it is not always easy to select the proper lighting that fits your bedroom.

1. Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting wITH cLEAR cRYSTALS

Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting
Inspired By LouiChoice

Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting

The best farmhouse bedroom lighting is coming soon to make your room more cheerful!

2. Bedroom Wall Sconces wITH lAMPSHADES

Bedroom Wall Sconce Industrial Bedside Mount Lamps
35 Best Farmhouse Industrial Bedroom Wall Sconce
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Bedroom Wall Sconce

Integrate a bit of Farmhouse charm into your bedroom by installing a unique set of bedside wall sconces, hanging or wall-mounted. Choose something that compliments your bedroom yet at the same time provides depth and dimension. Whether it’s an industrial bedroom wall sconce beside your bedside, or something else, choose the sconce that is ideal for lighting up your sleeping area yet is also dimmable and will not clutter up your wall area.

3. Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Light wITH wOOD Beads

35 Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Light
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Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Light

Here’s a delightful semi-flush farmhouse bedroom ceiling mount light that does not hang too low yet still could be considered a mini chandelier. It comes with two candle holders and multiple hanging swags of beads. This lovely beaded flush mount light is just a touch of glamour a small bedroom needs. Its whitewashed beads will blend nicely with a distressed farmhouse bedroom decor. Surely it will provide instant elegance to any light and airy bedroom.

4. Bedroom Fan Light With Country Style

Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Fan Light With Antique Bronze Country Style
35 Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ceiling Fan With Light 1
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Bedroom Fan with Light

Nothing can complement a carefully planned farmhouse like a farmhouse ceiling fan with LED light. Select a country fan that not only fits your space but also complements the textures and colors in your bedroom. I’ve chosen two examples above and in my opinion, there’s definitely a winner and loser, I hope you can see that too.

5. Bedroom Pendant Light wITH Drum sHADES

Bedroom Pendant Light Farmhouse Linen Drum Shade
Bedroom Pendant Light Farmhouse Linen Drum Shade
Inspired By OwensOlivia

bedroom pendant light

A traditional schoolhouse pendant light to light up a farmhouse bedroom. It is set against a ceiling with panels with a white base, the bedroom pendant light provides a little contrast. The final result is contemporary, bright, and airy.

6. Glass Pendant Lights With Handblown gLASS

35 Best Farmhouse Bedroom Glass Pendant Lights
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Glass Pendant Lights

When you’re in love with farmhouse style but lack space for a nightstand, adding glass lampshade pendant lights is the perfect way to give the bedroom a warm glow and infuse a little rustic style. Choose blown glass pendant lights with weathered metal accents to save visual space while adding countryside flair.

7. Brass Wall Sconces With Swing Arms

35 Best Farmhouse Bedroom Brass Wall Sconce
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Brass Wall SconceS

A pair of contemporary farmhouse brass wall sconces in this spacious room flank the bed. This pair of vintage brass bedside wall lights could create ambient lighting or emphasize decorative features or accents inside the bedroom. The darker-colored pillows on the bed added plenty of texture, keeping things in a modern farmhouse design.

8. Industrial Bedroom Floor Lamp With Adjustable Tripod

Bedroom Floor Lamp

If you don’t have to have a nightstand for an area for lighting, then why not look into a bedroom tripod floor lamp within your farmhouse bedroom instead? The industrial floor lamp provides a soft and luxurious finishing touch to the warm wooden hues of any bedroom.

9. Reading Sconce For Farmhouse Bedroom

Rusticlightia Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Reading Sconce
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Reading Sconce

The hanging reading wall light for bedsides will give the master bedroom a contemporary farmhouse design that is easily adapted to a variety of different styles of interiors. If you are considering the brass bedroom wall sconces for reading, give an organic lamp with neutral shades.

10. Small Wall Sconces In Lantern Style

Small Wall Sconces For Farmhouse Bedroom In Lantern Style
Inspired By GuidaGiardino

Small Wall Sconces

The guests you have are probably sleeping in, so you don’t have to add a lot of lighting alternatives. A simple lantern wall sconce can accomplish the task. The switches for the lights of contemporary fixtures of this small wall lights filled farmhouse bedroom hang from the wall, so guests don’t have to get up to switch off the light bulbs.

11. Farmhouse Rustic Table Lamps fOR Bedroom Decors

Farmhouse Rustic Table Lamp Comparison Of Three Bedroom Decors
Farmhouse Rustic Table Lamp Comparison Of Three Bedroom Decors
Farmhouse Rustic Table Lamp Comparison Of Three Bedroom Decors
Inspired By TheTrendingHouse

Farmhouse Rustic Table Lamps

This farmhouse coastal table lamp gives a charming look to your farmhouse bedroom. The style of the farmhouse isn’t restricted to the American traditional design, choosing woods with a heavier weight with elaborate carvings could add European style to your home. Rustic wood table lamps inspire an antique feel in this farmhouse bedroom.

12. Bedside Lamps fOR Farmhouse Decors

Farmhouse Rustic Table Lamp Comparison Of Three Bedroom Decors
35 Best Farmhouse Bedroom Bedside Table Lamps
Compare Bedside Lamps In Three Contrasting Farmhouse Decors
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Bedside Lamps

This gorgeous modern farmhouse bedside lamp is the final touch to bedroom decor. If you’d like to keep things light to neutral with your room design, pick a lighting design that works with the color of your walls and soft furniture. Check out how this bedside table lamp fits into being a part of the overall design but doesn’t take the spotlight away. It’s all about tone and creating the illusion of texture.

13. Vintage Farmhouse Lighting In Wood Decors

Compare Vintage Farmhouse Lighting In Dark And Light Wood Decors
Compare Vintage Farmhouse Lighting In Dark And Light Wood Decors
Inspired By SerendipityRefined

vintage farmhouse lighting

You can create a stunning farmhouse master bedroom style by using a few items such as delicate pattern curtains, traditional farmhouse lighting, and some traditional wooden furniture to add flair. This bedroom design fulfills all the criteria. If you have a space of your own, be creative and mix vintage light fixtures with modern accessories.

14. Farmhouse Oversized Pendant Light In Gray Bedroom

Urban Farmhouse Oversized Pendant Light In Gray Bedroom
Inspired By Foyr

Farmhouse Oversized Pendant Light

This simple table lamp with a dimming function will be the focal point in the bedroom, so you should make sure to keep the room minimalist. It’s a perfect solution in this contemporary farmhouse bedroom by hanging an oversized chandelier from the beam of the barn ceiling to create the wood effect.

15. Farmhouse Candle Chandelier wITH A Empire Design

Farmhouse Candle Chandelier In A Classic Empire Style
Inspired By SheGaveItAGo

Farmhouse Candle Chandelier

A lot of the design inspiration behind farmhouse design is derived from the English countryside. We suggest that it’s time to look at the weathered wooden chandelier as the concepts flow into it. Even if you’re not blessed with a British Manor to use, you can definitely draw ideas from this candle-style chandelier in the bedroom.

16. Farmhouse Ceiling Lights With Fabric Shades

Farmhouse Ceiling Lights With Large Narrow Fabric Shades
Inspired By FStories

farmhouse ceiling lights

If you’re in the midst of an intimate bedroom, you’ll likely need to draw attention to your modern farmhouse ceiling lights. The dome-shaped shade in this contemporary farmhouse room adds subtle tones of nature to the space and contrasts nicely with the dark wall.

17. Farmhouse Wall Hanging Lights With Swing Arms

Farmhouse Wall Hanging Lights With Swing Arms
Inspired By TheWeatheredFox

Farmhouse Wall Hanging Lights

When you imagine off-white lantern bedroom lights for your bedroom, you usually imagine them on opposite sides of the bed. The contemporary farmhouse hanging wall sconce is set above the bed, sitting on one side of an eye-catching design.

18. Farmhouse Style Lamp With Linen Shade

35 Best Farmhouse Bedroom Farmhouse Style Lamps
Inspired By Ruggable

Farmhouse Style Lamp

A classical farmhouse cottage table lamp can be simple and works particularly well in small spaces. This farmhouse-style table lamp has an earthy appearance and minimalist design that adds subtle hues to the room.

19. Industrial Farmhouse Lighting In Wood Beam Decor

Industrial Farmhouse Lighting In A Rustic Wood Beam Decor
Inspired By RockMyStyle

Industrial Farmhouse Lighting

We love how it maximized the tiny bedroom by hanging industrial rustic lighting across the entire bed. The bedroom has a touch of design style by hanging the industrial pendant lights. The inspiration comes from industrial and farmhouse lighting styles.

20. Antique Table Lamp fOR Farmhouse Bedroom

35 Best Farmhouse Bedroom Antique Table Lamp
Inspired By LizMarieBlog

Antique Table Lamp

Making your mark in a smaller bedroom isn’t easy, so the little details matter. This antique wood base table lamp creates a signature moment in the smaller guest bedroom by opting for a sculptural lamp base perched on an elegant jade stool.

21. Adjustable Wall Sconces with wALL pLUG lIGHTS

Adjustable Height Wall Bedroom Sconces With Gooseneck Shades
Inspired By LittleHouseOffOur

Adjustable Wall Sconce

If there’s not enough space for a bed, you’ll need to think of creative lighting solutions. The adjustable curved long arm wall sconce in this basic farmhouse space can be easily moved around and helps to illuminate different areas whenever needed, preventing those prone to head injuries.

22. Glass Table Lamp fOR Farmhouse Bedroom

Glass Table Lamp

Farmhouse bedrooms can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming with the abundance of wood and huge furniture. But, here is a minimalist cylinder glass base table lamp that is still in keeping with the theme of the countryside. The clear glass table lamp with a graceful conical lampshade gives it some texture but does not overwhelm the senses.

23. Industrial Farmhouse Lighting fOR Bedside Nightstand

Steampunk Industrial Farmhouse Lighting Bedside Nightstand Lamp

Industrial Farmhouse Lighting

The bedroom table lamp in guestrooms doesn’t require extravagant decor A nod to something a little fancy is sure to make your guests smile. We love the unique lampshade feature that is featured in the industrial farmhouse lighting. It’s also trendy for the season.

24. Vintage Crystal Chandelier wITH clEAR gLASS

35 Best Farmhouse Bedroom Crystal Chandelier
Inspired By LizMarieBlog

Vintage Crystal Chandelier

Few interiors look like lovely farmhouse crystal bead chandeliers. If surrounded by rustic elements like the rest of the farmhouse embroidery cottage bedroom design, the vintage crystal chandelier for the bedroom is made of clear crystal and feels classy but not flashy. Combine it with a neutral wallpaper to reduce the elegance.