Farmhouse Bathroom Lights!

Farmhouse bathroom lights that feel exceptionally cozy are hybrid, combining modern color schemes, shapes, and materials with the rustic warmth of untreated wood, hand-hammered metal, or clay pots.

They can be interpreted in infinite ways, with different levels of integration between modern coolness and farmhouse nostalgia. The bathroom is the place most of us start and end our days, so it makes sense it should feel like a peaceful and clean spot where you can relax, revive, and unwind.

Beautiful farmhouse bathroom lights can add some serious style to a bathroom. It will create a focal point that will, in turn, give the space some defined kind. The simple, compact vanity mirror with lights is perfect for a modern farmhouse bathroom. The bathroom vanity lights are dimmable, and you can pick among a variety of shades like antique brass and antique brass.

1. Farmhouse Bathroom Light With Iron Pipe

Farmhouse Bathroom Lights Industrial Iron Pipe
Bathroom Industrial Iron Pipe

Farmhouse Bathroom Light

Farmhouse bathroom lights that feel exceptionally cozy are coming soon…

2. Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Fixture With Caged Bulbs

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
Inspired By Lulight

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Fixture

In addition to being just ordinary farmhouse bathroom vanity lighting, it is available as a set with encased farmhouse bathroom lights as well as an elongated mirror made of wood. The bathroom wall light fixtures can be used in various bathrooms because the group is constructed in over 12 sizes.

3. Bathroom Sconce Light With Double Railroad Shades

Bathroom Sconce Lights
Inspired By NorthCountryNest

Bathroom Sconce Light

They combine rustic metal and farmhouse elements when adding this wooden mirror for the vanity. The industrial bathroom sconces and the slab countertop give a rustic look with a modern design. The double bathroom light sconces appear stunning when paired with a second set just from it while lighting the entire space.

4. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting With Glass Shades

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting
Inspired By ThisOldHouse

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

If you’re looking for modern bathroom lighting that features the advanced technology shape of a dimmable light bulb so you can alter the intensity of light, but you need farmhouse bathroom lights that are in the barn style of an old-fashioned farmhouse bathroom, You’ve found it. The single bulb modern farmhouse bathroom vanity lights can be installed quickly and come with a possibility of five different designs!

5. Farmhouse Bathroom Lantern With Drum Cage

Farmhouse Bathroom Hanging Lantern
Inspired By ArchitecturenDesign

Farmhouse Bathroom Lantern

A farmhouse bathroom with a natural stone wall, a natural wooden ceiling, a comfy tub, and a rustic hanging lantern is almost inseparable and brings the countryside air. The farmhouse bathroom lights are rustic metal finished, and the slightly darker weather wood of the hanging bathroom light provides charming touches.

6. Black Bathroom Wall Sconces With Bell Shade

Black Bathroom Wall Sconces
Inspired By HomeIsd

Black Bathroom Wall Sconces

These black metal glass bell shade bathroom wall sconces will ensure that you have an excellent view of the mirror and can appreciate the beauty while in the bathroom. These farmhouse bathroom lights come black with transparent glasses, the lampshades emit soft light that reveals the best. The bathroom sconces lights create a fantastic contrast to the white walls.

7. Antique Bathroom Wall Sconces With Galvanized Metal

Antique Bathroom Wall Sconcess
Inspired By TheInspiredHive

Antique Bathroom Wall Sconces

Antique bathroom vanity sconces stylishly light the bathroom with galvanized metal finish. Each sink comes with an individual mirror as well as bathroom wall lights. These antique wall sconces bulbs are old-fashioned Edison style, with filaments exposed. This style is reminiscent of a farmhouse outdoor light to the mind. The bulbs that are exposed add bright illumination to the farmhouse bathroom.

8. Industrial Bathroom Lighting With Wood Veneer

Industrial Bathroom Lighting
Inspired By Matchness

Industrial Bathroom Lighting

Simple is the rule in this farmhouse bathroom lighting design. A trio of industrial bathroom vanity lights is hung over the sink. They feature wire cage shades that give an industrial appearance. The bulbs are exposed, allowing plenty of light to meet every bathroom need. The hues of the bathroom vanity lights are also reflected in the sink beneath.

9. Vintage Bathroom Chandelier With Drum Shade

Farmhouse Vintage Bathroom Chandelier
Inspired By LampGoods

Vintage Bathroom Chandelier

We love how this old-fashioned farmhouse rustic bathroom chandelier complements our rustic-themed bathroom. It’s possible to set up the dimmer switch since the bathroom chandelier allows lots of light to shine through the slits on the sides of the morning and under the light. The farmhouse chandelier is a great way to bring the retro design into the bathroom.

10. bathroom Sconce Lighting With Fabric Lampshade

Bathroom Wall Sconce Lighting
Inspired By Hgtv

Bathroom sconce lighting

Traditional classic and eternal when it comes to design, the three sets of bathroom wall sconces are fitted with dim bulbs and sit on top of an arm. The fabric shade disperses the light throughout the space, so you don’t have to worry about having enough lighting within your bath. To dim the farmhouse wall sconces in the area, just remove the light bulb from the scone or increase the wattage to boost the brightness.

11. Shabby Chic Bathroom Chandelier With Candle Blubs

Shabby Chic Chandelier
Inspired By DigsDigs

shabby chic bathroom chandelier

The rustic shabby chic metal chandelier accenting the bathroom in a farmhouse style comes with a vintage bathtub with an old-fashioned wooden ladder leaning against the wall to hang towels. The candle-style chandelier is suspended from the ceiling over the bathtub, creating a stunning farmhouse bathroom decoration element with fantastic farmhouse bathroom lights ambient.

12. Barn Wood Bathroom Light With Glass Shade

Barn Wood Bathroom Light Fixture
Inspired By FarmFoodFamil

barn wood Bathroom light

The design of the barn wood vanity light fixture is inspired by the barn door of reclaimed barn wood. The frames of these farmhouse bathroom lights are made of metal on the vanity mirror with lights that give a unique farmhouse bath design.

13. Mason Jar Bathroom Light With Metal Pipe

Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture
Inspired By Decoist

mason jar bathroom light

People don’t realize that mason jars can serve multiple uses beyond making cans or preserving food. They can also create various decorative purposes, like rustic farmhouse bathroom lighting fixtures. This mason jar vanity wall light comes with three mason jars that house the bulbs suspended on a pipe rod. This mason jar bathroom light fixture perfectly combines practicality with design into a stunning finishing accent to a rustic yet contemporary bathroom.

14. Black Bathroom Sconce With Glass Cover

Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture
Inspired By JennaSueDesign

Black Bathroom sconce

The black base glass cover wall sconce with glass is never out of the design, which is one of the reasons these bathroom wall sconces have been utilized in a farmhouse bathroom. This particular one features polished black finish fittings to create the perfect farmhouse bathroom lights ambient in the bathroom. The transparent glass shade that covers the lightbulb permits the design of the black wall sconces to stand out.

15. Industrial Wall Sconce With Glass Shades

Industrial Wall Sconces
Inspired By IttyBittyFarmhouse

industrial wall sconce

This is the look you’ll receive from these 3-light industrial glass globe wall sconces, which have hanging arms that fit each socket. Pick a style of Edison light bulb to finish the farmhouse look. Another advantage of this industrial bathroom lighting is that it appears as if it belongs in the bathroom and the kitchen or the basement. It’s that contemporary and stylish (with the farmhouse features).

16. Farmhouse Bathroom Pendant Lights With cYLINDER Glass

Farmhouse Bathroom Pendant Lights
Inspired By BrookePeetPole

Farmhouse Bathroom pendant lights

Farmhouse bathroom glass pendant lights make the convenience and efficiency of the bathroom the highest priority. The simple handblown glass pendant lights illuminate the vanity mirrors in dark brown make to provide farmhouse decor.

17. Rustic Bathroom Wall Sconces wITH iNDUSTRIAL cAGES

Rustic Bathroom Wall Sconces
Inspired By CollageCab

rustic bathroom wall sconces

Metal cage barn shade with an aged white finish, these rustic white metal bathroom wall sconces add farmhouse chic and an industrial style to the bathroom. The rustic bathroom vanity lights perfectly complement the decor of the dual farmhouse sink vanity and farmhouse bathroom lights. It’s the best way to bring the rustic look of the past into the space.

18. Galvanized Bathroom Light Fixtures wITH wIRE cOVERS

Galvanized Bathroom Light Fixtures
Inspired By DecorInspira

galvanized bathroom lighting fixtures

The galvanized bathroom vanity wall lights will meet your expectations. The industrial appearance is due to the galvanized metal, while the design is completely innovative and modern. The industrial wall sconces add that rustic farmhouse design that many people strive to achieve.

19. Swing Arm Wall Lamps wITH wHITE lAMPShades

Swing Arm Bathroom Wall Lamps
Inspired By Gravetics

swing arm wall lamps

I love having this set of simple swing arm bathroom lampshade sconces with matte shade for your farmhouse bathroom. The rustic industrial lighting has swing arms that can be adjusted, perfect for illuminating these farmhouse bathroom lights in any bathroom space. The matte finish on the steel structure and the drum-like fabric of the swing arm wall lamp adds character and warmth to the bathroom’s industrial design.

20. Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures wITH gLASS sHADES

Modern Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures
Inspired By LaPepaBoutique

bathroom wall light fixtures

These rustic bathroom vanity light fixtures are the most appealing because they are perfect for any farmhouse bathroom lights style without completely redesigning your bathroom! The bathroom wall light is elegant and rustic in design, with white glass shades providing plenty of lighting. These bathroom wall light fixtures complete a contemporary and rustic design.

21. Bathroom Candle Wall Sconces wITH Double candleholders

Bathroom Candle Wall Sconces
Inspired By DecorHomeIdea

Bathroom Candle Wall Sconces

This dual set of traditional candleholder bathroom wall sconces has a farmhouse design style, like a carry holder that holds a candle. These antique wall sconces are best in a farmhouse bathroom, as they complete the overall appearance. Set these sconces on opposite sides of your mirror, with another set on the opposite side of your bathroom enclosure.