Black Farmhouse Chandelier!

The black farmhouse chandelier is famous for its timeless design style and ability to blend into most any farmhouse decor. The majority of black farmhouse chandeliers are similar in color (black) but go far beyond color in their distinctively different design styles. You will find black farmhouse chandeliers in modern, country, and traditional farmhouse decors. A black chandelier can always add a design element to any room in practical and aesthetic ways.

Does black go with a farmhouse?

Yes! Black is used in both modern and rustic farmhouse decors. Rooms that might typically use black accenting are bedrooms, living room, porch, and foyer. Black can be used extensively in choosing accessories to accent your farmhouse. Items such as black kitchen caulk boards, black and white signage, checkered black and white table cloths, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders, and an inspiring black farmhouse chandelier.

Black lighting fixtures are famous for their timeless design and ability to accent farmhouses with an abundance of white. Black farmhouse chandeliers are an essential design element that can add a focal point to any room.

1. Black Crystal Chandelier With Raven Bronze

Rusticlightia Black Crystal Chandelier Black Crystal Chandelier
Inspired By FeissStore

Black Crystal Chandelier

This set of crystal chandeliers in the kitchen and dining space in an open-plan living space seems elegant in a white contemporary kitchen with a small island. It also gives the space an upscale ambiance. The black candle chandelier is elegant and refined. The curly square tubes interspersed with each other as the hand-polished glass crystals make up each loop.

2. Black Round Chandelier With Wrought Iron

black round chandelier

The round chandelier shows the frame as circular, topped by five wrought iron supports. Twelve candelabra-style lights that are exposed to the swooping arms are set symmetrically, along with an elongated frame. The black wrought iron chandelier will make every guest stare up at the ceiling thanks to its unique style and stunning appearance.

3. Black Beaded Chandelier For Dining Room

Rusticlightia Black Crystal Chandelier Black Beaded Chandelier
Inspired By FelipeBerontatt

black beaded chandelier

This stunning beaded chandelier is a breath of fresh air thanks to the wood-inspired accents it has and its striking design. The dining room black chandelier with its distinctive design has strings of wood beads that are attached to support posts made of metal for an airy, open look that effortlessly blends in with other elements or adds an unexpected accent to an elegant arrangement. This black dining chandelier creates a warm, comfortable glow across the dining area.

4. Metal LEaf Chandelier With Black Metal

Black Dining Room Chandelier
Inspired By LisaMendeDesign

Metal leaf chandelier

This iron-wrought black dining chandelier comes with stunning floral leaf details that are perfect for an outdoor dining area that is the perfect black farmhouse chandelier for any home. The stunning original vintage black rustic chandelier is in great vintage condition and comes with exquisite candle holders that have been carefully created to give the dining area the romantic ambiance of the past.

5. Black Sputnik Chandelier With Globe Shade

Rusticlightia Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Sputnik Chandelier
Inspired By JhInteriorDesign

black sputnik chandelier

This stunning sputnik chandelier with the latest designs matches the built-in shelving that is in the dining and living areas. The polished look with a modern farmhouse black chandelier makes for an elegant design that is an eye-catching statement piece. This black farmhouse chandelier adds a touch of elegance that will complement any style of interior design styles.

6. Black Chandelier Modern With Bell Jar

Rusticlightia Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Chandelier Modern
Inspired By LizMarieBlog

black chandelier modern

The glass bell jar chandelier modern features the most original and stunning transparent hand-blown glass globe, a well-constructed, aged steel case. This black glass chandelier makes an impressive statement and showcases its attractive metallic shine when lit.

7. Transitional Iron Chandelier With Black Shades

Best Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Iron Chandelier
Inspired By RainAndPine

black iron chandelier

This stunning antique iron chandelier is specifically designed to light the center of the dining area or any other farmhouse-style space. Made of iron, this black farmhouse chandelier with an antique black finish has six candle-shaped bulb stems adorned with dish cups set on bent iron arms. This black wire chandelier is suitable for all types of ceilings, including sloped, flat, or slanted ceilings.

8. Matte Black ChandelierS With Iron Lantern

Rusticlightia Black Farmhouse Chandelier Matte Black Chandelier
Inspired By SarahJoyBlog

matte black chandeliers

The black chandeliers add elegance to the farmhouse kitchen by allowing plenty of lighting and style that is in line with modern trends. The frame is made of a sleek steel tube, as well as each black lantern chandelier is an incredibly proportioned, simple design, finished in the matte finish of black.

9. Black Linear Chandelier With Rectangle Cage

Best Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Linear Chandelier
Inspired By Ruggable

black linear chandelier

The linear chandelier is popular with those looking for old-fashioned charm but with modern aesthetics. The black industrial chandelier features an open-cage framework with an open six-candle light, which gives it modern flair and makes it suitable for a variety of interior styles, from traditional to modern.

10. Black Wagon Wheel Chandelier With Steel Frame

Rusticlightia Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Wagon Wheel Chandelier
Inspired By HenckDesign

black wagon wheel chandelier

The massive circular base is coated with a matte black finish and decorated with 16 lightbulbs to give an elegant industrial look. The black wagon chandelier is suspended by six chains and another ceiling cable that makes an impressive design statement in the living room. The hand-crafted black living room light fixture is a reflection of the elegance of hand-turned workmanship and is suitable for contemporary or transitional styles.

11. Black Metal Chandelier With Globe Cage

black metal chandelier

The globe-shaped made of wire metal chandelier creates the perfect mix of traditional industrial and modern chic for the home kitchen. This black island chandelier is constructed of high-quality metal shade that has been electroplated process that ensures long-lasting usage. This is a striking black farmhouse chandelier creating an inviting and romantic ambiance.

12. Black Farmhouse Chandelier With linear LANTERN

Rusticlightia Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By FarmhouseLiving

black farmhouse chandelier

The open-cage lantern farmhouse chandelier is made of wrought iron and hammered to an applied matte black finish. The large black lantern chandelier illustrates how delicate the material looks and draws attention to the significance as well as the beauty and value of this basic material. The simple, classic design is a striking presence that is accentuated by the power of lines.

13. Black And Gold Chandelier Led For Dining Room

Black And Gold Chandelier
Inspired By SomethingTurquoise

black and gold chandelier

The sputnik black gold chandelier has linear arms that pass through a central connecting point to provide a contemporary take on the classic sputnik. The black Mid-Century chandelier is made of metal, is decorated in gold and black, and brings a modern mid-century chandelier to the elegant dining room.

14. Black Rectangle Chandelier With Wrought Iron

Rusticlightia Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Rectangle Chandelier
Inspired By TrendyHomeHacks

black rectangle chandelier

The industrial rectangle chandelier is ideal for hanging over the dining table, from traditional design to contemporary or even dramatic interior design. The modern black linear chandelier has a matte black finish that provides a visual pleasure, ideal for your farmhouse eating area.

15. Black Outdoor Chandelier With Long Arms

Rusticlightia Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Outdoor Chandelier
Inspired By DianaElizabethBlog

black outdoor chandelier

Inspired by modern and rustic design, this outdoor chandelier is an elegant black farmhouse chandelier that embodies the elegance of simplicity. It is eight arms long based on the classic candlestick shape but with a modern metallic finish. The matte black farmhouse chandelier is finished with a beautiful globe on its bottom. A single candelabra at the bottom of each arm provides an inviting ambiance on the exterior.

16. Black Rectangular Light Fixture With Candle Cups

black rectangular light fixture

This black rectangular chandelier is a nice touch thanks to its distinctive Wrought iron design, with a striking Satin Black appearance. Its black dining room light fixture is a stunning example of a material that has been hammered and then hand-finished. The simple, classic design of this large black farmhouse chandelier is a striking feature, thanks to the power of its design.

17. Black Transitional Chandelier In Tear Drop

Black Transitional Chandelier
Inspired By CentricPg

black transitional chandelier

The stunning teardrop-shaped transitional chandelier is decorated with an aged black finish, adding style and a sense of intrigue. Its vintage black chandelier with the distinctive electric tapers on top of the globe of iron creates an industrial design perfect for this dining room that is round.

18. Black And Crystal Chandelier With Wrap ROPE

Black And Crystal Chandelier
Inspired By RemingtonAvenue

black and crystal chandelier

If you’re looking to lighten an area and wish to add a striking fixture such as this black crystal chandelier is a perfect choice. It’s a conversation starter and draws attention, particularly when it is it is elegant and striking. The black iron chandelier with crystals has sweeping lines and a rustic design and evokes the classic French design. French black farmhouse chandeliers are guaranteed to stand out.

19. Black Modern Farmhouse Chandelier With Glass GLOBE

Rusticlightia Black Farmhouse Chandelier Black Modern Farmhouse Chandelier
Inspired By ElleDecor

black modern farmhouse

This modern farmhouse molecular chandelier is a perfect fixture to bring warmth and comfort to your living space; the classic and elegant design gives a chic and contemporary look. The classic design black branch chandelier is a dream for interior designers everywhere! This gorgeous and charming black farmhouse chandelier adds an air of modernity to homes and casual homes.

20. Industrial Chandelier Black With Cylinder Glass

Industrial Chandelier Black
Inspired By ChristinaMariaBlog

industrial chandelier black

The industrial chandelier features stunning frosted cylinder glass with an elegant silhouette. Its black contemporary chandelier gently bends the metal black farmhouse chandelier frame to mimic the ironwork to create a cohesive look, and the glass frosted softens the overall appearance and creates an impressive statement when paired with farmhouse decor.