Barn Light Fixtures!

The American barn lighting fixture is often overlooked but represents a highly acclaimed American icon in line with its name association. A barn light fixture usually is a lighting fixture for outdoor use. However, barn light fixtures can also be used indoors to inflect farmhouse country decor. Gooseneck barn light fixtures are a more stylistic American icon originating from the late 19th century when they illuminated barns across the U.S.

What Is A Gooseneck Barn Light?

Barn Light Fixture Gooseneck Mini Outdoor Indoor

Gooseneck barn light fixtures are characterized as traditional barn lights with wide downward-facing shades that shield them from outside elements like rain, snow, and gusty wind. They are generally constructed from galvanized sheet metal and powder-coated for exterior durability. The gooseneck barn light fixture is an old-fashioned broad shade barn style outdoor utility light that is popular to integrate into the rustic, country or traditional farmhouse or modern farmhouse decors.

1. Barn Light Fixture With Gooseneck Arm

Barn Light Fixture Gooseneck Mini Outdoor Indoor
Barn Light Fixture Gooseneck Mini Outdoor Indoor

Barn Light Fixture

This perfect scaled-down mini Gooseneck Light Fixture is functional for any outdoor or indoor application. Durable enough to withstand the harshest winter weather, yet cute enough to put above your desk for reading light. Considering its compact size, this Gooseneck Barn Light Fixture has been carefully designed with a sturdy flush wall mount canopy, thick appealing gooseneck arch, and contemporary modern industrial lamp shade.

2. Barn Lights for Bathroom With Frosted Bell

Rusticlightia - Barn Lights For Bathroom - Vanity Lighting
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barn lights for a bathroom

They are great lights for a bathroom, ideal for bathrooms in farmhouses or barn garages. The design features an ordinary gooseneck arm with a modern matte black finish and a curved top cap, adding style to the master bathroom. The barn-style vanity lights are anti-corrosion and anti-rust. They’re made to last longer and can withstand any weather conditions. It’s waterproof and will not be affected by humidity or a humid environment.

3. Barn Light Fixture With Water Pipe

Rusticlightia - Barn Light Fixture - Vintage Green
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Barn Light Fixture

Akin to vintage farmhouse lighting, this light fixture in green light fixture adds an element of old-fashioned charm to the farmhouse area. The steel shade goes perfectly with an arm that is 90 degrees in black, which is perfect for traditional, rustic, or industrial design. The vintage barn outdoor sconce is a smart accessory to any outdoor space with a striking look that blends modern and classic styles.

4. Gooseneck Outdoor Light With Curved Arm

Rusticlightia - Gooseneck Outdoor Light - Focal L Point 
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gooseneck outdoor light

The outdoor light is made of beautiful curves that bring more color to the porch in front. This gooseneck outdoor sconce is made to stand up to harsh conditions, so it will not fade even after long-term use outdoors, and the gooseneck sconce outdoors is an ideal choice to continue lighting the porch with no interruption to the weather.

5. Barn Style Light Fixtures With Galvanized Steel

Rusticlightia - Farmhouse Industrial Light Fixtures - Barn Style
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Barn Style Light Fixtures

This collection of beautiful gooseneck barn light fixtures makes a great decor for a small reading space. The indoor gooseneck light fixtures use premium metal, a stunning outline of the simple design that forms the graceful arc. with a dimming switch to satisfy the various lighting requirements.

6. Barn Sconce With Bright Color

Barn Light Fixture Barn Sconce
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barn sconce

The precision of the components and precise assembly makes this bright orange-colored sconce an excellent accessory to any dining room or entryway, porch, shop, or barn. The industrial guard sconce is made of steel pipe and fittings made of cast, with a large selection of shades that provide warm lighting and light up the dark.

7. Barn Style Light Fixture With Oil Rubbed Bronze

Barn Style Light Fixture

Gooseneck style allows for angling of the head and arm downward-facing, as well as the ability to adjust height This barn light fixture is perfect for focused work at the study desk. The stunning-looking barn light table lamp is made of brass to give a classic look.

8. Vintage Barn Lights For Dining Table

Barn Light Fixture Vintage Barn Lights
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vintage barn lights

They are great illustrations that are barn lights using a large mixing bowl size and shape with an elegant white finish stem. They add style and character to rooms with vaulted ceilings above the table runners. Add a touch of elegance to the farmhouse dining room with these classic light fixtures in white barn-style pendant light fixtures.

9. Large Gooseneck Outdoor Light With Powder Coating

Barn Light Fixture Large Gooseneck Outdoor Light
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large gooseneck outdoor light

The large outdoor light has a classic design that perfectly matches the most sought-after farmhouse! A unique take on a traditional look, the shade has vents in its neck that let in a few uplighting. This gooseneck sconce light establishes elegant and welcoming decors when integrated into residential and commercial lighting plans.

10. Barn Pendant Lights With Big Dome

barn pendant lights

It is made of metal and in the form of an industrial dome pendant light, ideal for kitchens with a rustic design as well as a farmhouse home. The industrial barn pendant light has a distressed black finish. The dome shade made of metal is made to give it an industrial style that is compatible with its industrial farmhouse design.

11. Goose neck Sconce With Elegant Design

Barn Light Fixture Goose Neck Sconce
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Goose Neck Sconce

The neck sconce downward-facing features an elegant and classic design that is perfect for farmhouse bathrooms. It’s designed with a white-colored finish that allows it to be used with a variety of styles of homes, and the white interior reflects the light, creating a stunning accent shade. The barn light vanity light is durable in terms of safety, functionality, and appearance.

12. Barn Wall Sconces With Adjustable Arm

Barn Wall Sconce

13. Barn Style Chandelier With Barn Lampshade

Barn Light Fixture Barn Style Chandelier
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Barn Style Chandelier

The light-colored barn chandeliers draw attention and create a striking statement when hung over the island. Inspired by a classic railway station design, this ceiling mount barn light is a great method of lighting the interior of a farmhouse kitchen.

14. Barn Style Light Fixture With Metal Cage

Barn Light Fixture Barn Style Light Fixtures For Kitchen 1
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Barn Style Light Fixture

With an early 20th-century industrial style, barn light fixtures designed for kitchens have an LED bulb that is integrated into the. Ideal for use as surface lighting and ceiling lighting, the ceiling mount is simple to mount on different ceilings above your kitchen’s sink. The vintage barn pendant light featuring a classic industrial shade and matte black finish gives it an appealing appearance and is a perfect match for the farmhouse kitchen design.

15. Barn Light for Bedroom With Cone Lampshade

Rusticlightia - Barn Light For Bedroom - Boys Bedroom
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barn light for the bedroom

The barn light bedroom features a stylish shade made of aluminum and tables lamp bases made of metal that is inspired by vintage lighting styles. The barn pendant lamps are stylish and an ideal accessory for reading at night.

16. Barn Ceiling Light With Vintage Design

Barn Light Fixture Barn Ceiling Light 1
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Barn Ceiling Light

The large, metal-shaped ceiling light features an old factory style that reflects a vintage industrial style. The black barn-style pendant light hangs over the dining table and features the typical lampshade that diffuses lighting and gives a unified rustic appearance.

17. Exterior Gooseneck Light Fixture WIth Edison Led

Rusticlightia - Exterior Gooseneck Light Fixtures - Individual Preference
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Exterior Gooseneck Light Fixture

The gooseneck light fixtures have a smooth design and industrial edge that appeal to modern decors and most recent trends. This attractive fixture can benefit interior and outdoor areas due to its sturdy gooseneck arm and high-quality construction. The farmhouse gooseneck lighting creates a unique style that reflects each individual’s personal preferences!

18. Barn Style Outdoor Light With Antique Copper

Barn Style Outdoor Light

Built by Trish and Tom, this copper barn shades all Copper industrial farmhouse barn outdoor or indoor lights and provide efficient lighting that is nothing short of impressive. Quality workmanship at a hard-to-find price. Solid, beautiful, built to last.  Barn outdoor and indoor wall light is built to last.

19. Industrial Gooseneck Light With Wire Cage

Barn Light Fixture Industrial Gooseneck Light
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Industrial Gooseneck Light

The design is based on the traditional downward-facing wall sconces, this industrial light has a clear glass dome and a wire cage made of metal to shield the bulb within. A canopy is positioned on top to guarantee durability. The set outdoor gooseneck light fixtures are a unique blend of nautical design and industrial design, ideal for lighting up your patio or garage space.

20. Modern Gooseneck Light With Galvanized Metal

Rusticlightia - Modern Gooseneck Light - Galvanized
Inspired By Steelside™

modern gooseneck light

These gooseneck light down-facing light fixtures have a rusty nickel finish, adding a modern style to farmhouse outdoor spaces. Their industrial gooseneck light fixtures and stunningly welded shade are a great way to add farmhouse style to your porch.

21. Exterior Gooseneck Light With Two-Tone Color

Rusticlightia Barn Light Fixture Exterior Gooseneck Light
Inspired By LoveAndSpecs

Exterior Gooseneck Light

Brighten up the farmhouse front porch with this gooseneck light crafted from a rust-resistant aluminum base with a cone-shaped shade that softens the glow at night. This two-tone outdoor led gooseneck light with a simple design makes it great for adding light to the front porch and fits industrial and modern farmhouse aesthetics.

22. Gooseneck Light Fixture For Outdoor Barn

Rusticlightia Barn Light Fixture Gooseneck Light
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Gooseneck Light Fixture

This green vintage gooseneck light comes with minor defects, and rust on the shade adds character. The outdoor barn sconce features authentic vintage shade gas station industrial farm genuine antique features high-quality workmanship to complete modern electric components.

23. Gooseneck Fixture At Front Porch

Rusticlightia Barn Light Fixture Gooseneck
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Gooseneck Fixture

This gooseneck adds rustic charm to the living space of the front porch. This barn sconce light features a long, thin curving gooseneck with a wide downlight shade attached to the end. It comes in rustic steel construction made to look galvanized, making it the perfect accent for an industrial setting.

24. Black Outdoor Barn Light With Long Arm

Rusticlightia Barn Light Fixture Black Outdoor Barn Light
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black outdoor barn light

Adopting an eye-catching curved profile, this outdoor barn light fixture contributes the home’s traditional character in vintage style to the garage front door. From the shade of warehouse gooseneck light, the eyes slowly follow the gestural line created by its fittingly named gooseneck arm. A solid, low-profile metal backplate fixes the piece to the wall securely and neatly.

25. Barn Wall Light With Huge Lampshade

Rusticlightia - Barn Wall Light - Front Porch
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barn wall light

The white gooseneck wall light illuminates your outdoor space and beautifies the surrounding. It is available in a pearl white finish that is suitable for the majority of farmhouse interiors. The barn outdoor sconce can be positioned on porches, over walkways, above doors or driveways, as well as indoor areas. It is a kind of street light and can cover a large area depending on the position you put it in.